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Crew Rank 10

Frankies Back
Frankies Back
Posted on 11 June 16 at 07:12
I was wondering what the average amount of battles it took for people to get to crew rank 10.
Posted on 11 June 16 at 09:06, Edited on 11 June 16 at 09:15 by Ehrenfried
I played about 70% with my crew in non premium/elite tanks without premium account.
I bought premium occasionally, a week here, a month there and had one premium tank (S35).
But I'm still at Rank 8 (8 perks, #9 is halfway through)

If you swap tanks (Tiger>Tiger2>E75), don't spend gold on 100% crew everytime etc.,
then I'm in for about 2500 matches (to get 8 perks)
and since it takes longer and longer to get progress *aargh*
My guess is ~4000 matches if you don't like to spend real money.

Since I rushed it a lil bit with premium tank and premium time it will be less.
If you consider yourself a wallet warrior, look with what tanks you're good
(Medium, Heavy, TD), get the best low tier premium (low tier = more XP, high Tier = more silver)
and rush it with premium time too.

I had the german S35, played without premium time 555 matches,
and got 4 perks along the way.
But of course I used the fast ones, if you choose fire ext. but never get blazed up
you'll never get progress.

Here are my:

6 Sense
Sit Awareness
Off Road
Lord Terentius
Posted on 16 June 16 at 00:00
You'll need a minimum of 13 perks/skills to get this achievement.

I still had to play another 40 matches towards my 14th perk/skill before I made enough progress to get the achievement.

In terms of matches? The crew that I worked with towards getting my achievement has been there since I started playing in Feb 2014. So yes...don't be surprised if it's close to 700-900 matches depending on how many premiums you have (I had 5 low tier USA Premium tanks that I cycled through daily to make use of the Daily 2x and Crew Training bonuses) and how soon you have the Mentor perk. 5% doesn't seem like a big bonus to crew training, but it helps hugely over the long run.
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Posted on 16 June 16 at 14:25
This is soul-destroying. I still haven't reached rank 8. I have played since day one and have 5 rank 7 crews as my best ones. I have over 10,000 kills and 10,000 matches and almost completed British tech tree and pretty far along in all others. It is an utter joke of an achievement that will take years for me to get cry
eL JuN1oR
eL JuN1oR
Posted on 22 July 16 at 10:29
lets just pray wargaming does not make an achievement for like crew rank 17
Crater Bob
Crater Bob
Posted on 30 March 18 at 18:35
Does nobody have the bloody updated XP number in 2018?! I'm well bloody past 3.806 million XP on my Rank 9 crew, and somewhere within 10% of the bar left, but no one's got a bloody updated XP requirement number for Rank 10!!! angry
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