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Locked Challenge Campaign after completing the majority of game

Posted on 11 June 16 at 17:45
I've completed the main story, every wanted mission, completed all the dark knight tracks, I've gotten 3 medals on every challenge and 9 medals on every challenge campaign besides the one which is still locked which I believe is "The Darkest Night". It's says I need to progress further in the story to unlock, but there's no more story to progress through. I got it to unlock on my easy save. When was this suppose to unlock?
Posted on 16 June 16 at 13:10, Edited on 16 June 16 at 13:36 by ACDCs TNT
I guess I'll be answering my own question. You unlock the 10th challenge campaign called Darkest Night
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Now for whatever reason, this only seems to unlock if you get to this point in the story, if your playing on the first out of the four saves on the title screen. I don't think having the patch installed or difficulty matter, since I've been able to get it to unlock both with and without the patch and on both easy and normal difficulty. I can also confirm that it doesn't unlock by rebeating the game on New Game+ or I Am The Night difficulty. Just don't make the same mistake I did and beat the game on easy without getting to rank 10 on the Worst Nightmare track or you won't be able to complete all the challenge campaigns.
Jake Mc
Posted on 27 September 16 at 12:46
I have the same problem with Campaign Challenge 10 not unlocking after completing my first play through to 100%. I also completed NG+ but didn't do a single most wanted mission. Maybe this is my problem?

I really hate the idea of starting a new save and fully upgradeing batman again with an almost 100% play through just for Olympion.
Posted on 30 September 16 at 10:33, Edited on 01 October 16 at 00:47 by DadliestGamer
Im currently at a loss for what I should do. I started a new save completed rank 10 of Worst Nightmare in the pool room. I had an on screen notification of unlocking the predator map, challenge 10 Darkest Night, & Rank 10. I save an exit as I figure Ill do the boss fight later. Come back and boom, no maps unlocked. I love Batman but I'm getting tired of playing through the campaign at this point. I have no idea what to do to get this damn challenge to unlock.

I deleted the save mentioned above and tried once again to unlock "Darkest Night". This time I rushed through the story ignoring everything except the main story line. I didn't even stop to upgrade Batman at all until right before the pool room I was in such a rush lol. Anyway, I unlocked both rank 9 & 10 of Worst Nightmare in this room, again getting the on screen notifications that Quiet Waters & Darkest Night had unlocked. This time though, I didn't exit out and played through the Bane fight and then the Joker sequence. Once I got to the BatCave I checked the Combat Training console and both had actually unlocked to my relief. I exited out and reloaded my save to check if they were still unlocked and everything seems good.

From my experience and various play throughs of the Campaign it seems that if you exit after clearing the pool room but before the Bane fight your progress for clearing the room itself will save but nothing you unlock will stay unlocked. Every play through I've done except my most recent I have exited before fighting Bane and never unlocked "Darkest Night". I did unlock Quiet Waters though on my main save but I believe that was my NG+ run. I don't have any DLC downloaded and I've been playing offline with no patch if that even makes a difference. If there was a way I could prove my theory without having to do this two more times I would lol but right now I've had enough of Batman and need to save my sanity for IATN mode.

If anyone can confirm my theory so we can warn others that would be great.

EDIT #2:
I got back on to finish the game and work towards Olympian.... My save is Corrupt. FML
Hardcore 8 B4LL
Posted on 30 April 18 at 20:07, Edited on 27 May 18 at 18:15 by Hardcore 8 B4LL
... what buggy f*** game... Problem still actual angrycry
Achievment = Olympian
what happend:
finished the game three times (normal = 100 % [includes all side missions, all challenges all possible collectables], ng+ = ~ 70 - 80 %, iatn = only story rush); finished ranked challenge & all campaign challenge (only Nr. 10/12 is still locked)

what i´ve done now
delete the updates & game, cleared the cashe, new installation of game & updates

what i´ll do
Will now / today start a new save file for playthrough Nr. 4 and report

Edit 01.05.2018

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Edit 27.05.2018

The Bug also effects the DLC - Initiation achievement = "Campaign Ninja" because here is one campaign missing too ... (Nr. 10 / the second one in the last row)
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