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Pit People Closed Beta Coming Soon

  • Posted on 12 June 16 at 23:15Permalink
    That sounds amazing! I've been waiting for more news about this game for quite some time, good to see we are nearing a release date.
  • Strategy OneStrategy One662,448
    Posted on 12 June 16 at 23:40Permalink
    Whats up with that video though lol
  • Cellar AtticCellar Attic449,067
    Posted on 13 June 16 at 00:41Permalink
    Ya, exploding cupcakes, while exciting, was not what I was hoping for.
  • ElyohElyoh792,977
    Posted on 13 June 16 at 01:21Permalink
    I'll see if I can get into the beta, looks like I'd enjoy it.
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