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Delete or Hide Apps from your "Game Collection" (Xbox One)

Posted on 19 June 16 at 17:26
Well, even Microsoft has already deleted the Apps from Game Collection list.

I know you can select "Not owned" in TA website (What is great) but those apps still show up in "Xbox one TA App". Would be great if wouln´t show up in Xbox One TA neither.


(P.D: Tiki Taka Soccer, for Windows phone, doesn´t show up any box image)
Posted on 23 March 17 at 20:44
I'm out of votes but I want it possible to remove apps from everything including platform summary etc. It would be nice to have an option not to track them at all
Posted on 21 April 17 at 04:16
yeah, I would like to remove that too. I only got n3tflix..
KGI Klikopedia
Posted on 21 April 17 at 06:27
Better think before you start something?
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o KeyserSoeze o
Posted on 12 December 17 at 05:00
Optionally not tracking apps would be great. +1.

Before MS removed them, they were still completely irrelevant to everything on the site except the specific stats for the specific app.

Now that they are gone from MS, there is a strong argument to be made for optionally allowing them to be removed from your TA tracking.

Make it optional. Let the people who want to display their app "achievements" keep them and proudly display them in their little stat block cubbyhole. But please let the rest of us remove the wretched eyesores that were largely unwanted in the first place.

If TA tracked apps as games or if MS still tracked apps, I wouldn't support this, but now the only arguments as I see it are:

A.) "Achievements are achievements!"
...which is incorrect, at least on TA, because DLC achievements have always been treated separately (I remember the long arguments when there were votes about how they should be handled), and app achievements have always been in their own separate category. So, no, not all achievements are treated the same, and implying such invokes some "separate but equal" logic that is not sound.

B.) "App achievements were tracked at one point and should be continually tracked for posterity."
...which is perhaps a better argument. The, Xbox 360, and GFWL lists all show different things, taken together they display every game or non-game you've accessed with your account, but none of them displays the One apps and app achievements. So it is not without reason to make it optional for TA members to have their TA profiles mimic the MS lists. The mere fact that MS decided to stop tracking apps while continuing to track betas and the like just highlights the absence of apps. If apps are ever tracked again by MS, it would be great to see if they count as "hidable."

C.) "I completed all of my app achievement lists/don't care about app achievements so everyone else can go (insert phrase)."
...which isn't an argument of any kind. Making apps and app achievements optionally removable does not hurt anyone and would be a kindness to many. TA is both a community and a business, and I'm sure there isn't a single user here that is in complete agreement with how every little aspect of this site is managed. This proposal wouldn't hurt the business side of the site in any way, and again, would be a nice feature for many at the expense of no one except those who relish schadenfreude.
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