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3 different story lines?

Posted on 27 June 16 at 18:06
If I choose one, without making a master save file, does that make the other 2 quest line's achievements unobtainable unless I do another play through?

I'm referring to the following:
Fallout: New VegasThe House Always WinsThe The House Always Wins achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 58 pointsComplete The House Always Wins.

Fallout: New VegasRender Unto CaesarThe Render Unto Caesar achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 63 pointsComplete Render Unto Caesar.

Fallout: New VegasWild CardThe Wild Card achievement in Fallout: New Vegas worth 49 pointsComplete Wild Card.
Bah Humbug.
Posted on 27 June 16 at 19:59, Edited on 27 June 16 at 20:03 by Msross

Actually I'll elaborate, even though its all in the walkthrough..

Rend unto Caesar : this really should be a early/single play through, due to the choices you have to pick in other parts (so your picking all options in support of Caesar, which means most other people will think your a dick, and shoot / not talk to you

The other two, tend to lead in the same route until near the end.. so you could just create a save file later on.. having picked up the token and working for Mr House,, then double crossing him.... then reloading & being his bitch..
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