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Brock Lesnar Is Your WWE 2K17 Cover Star, Release Date Announced

  • KBop a dooKBop a doo323,443
  • Dakrkplayer2Dakrkplayer2832,420
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 00:16Permalink
    If this was WINDOWSCENTRAL. There be complainers that they not said SONY console in the article. Even it a MS theme site.
    .XBOX 4 LIFE.
  • Crispy385Crispy385115,886
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 00:37Permalink
    Who didn't see this coming a while away. I'm so unhappy with 2k16, I think I'm going to stay away from these games for awhile.
  • xdanzaxdanza363,653
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 00:50Permalink
    Get ready to spam suplexes in showcase mode.
  • DutRankDutRank152,617
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 01:09Permalink
    Better than Roman I guess.
  • The 7th ODSTThe 7th ODST501,821
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 03:44Permalink
    I wish for a cover like SVR 07 hopefully next year:/
  • Maxumilli0nMaxumilli0n592,982
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 04:09Permalink
    Not even going to waste y time career on 2k16 was a repetitive bore and the achievements were so grindy
  • s3bb86s3bb86374,762
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 05:58Permalink
    sadly not tim wiese
    Bayern Munich Supporter and NBA Junkie
  • BigPete7978BigPete7978194,043
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 07:09Permalink
    Cannot wait for the game. Day one purchase without a doubt. Been playing the games since WWF Warzone on PS1.
  • DeadlyCarpetDeadlyCarpet620,348
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 08:02Permalink
    Best game of the year like every year! Fuck off CODs and Battlefields, Skyrims and Fallouts, WWE is the main shit!
    Redneck Ranger
  • BlackxRyanBlackxRyan645,904
    Posted on 28 June 16 at 08:48Permalink
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 28 June 16 at 11:54Permalink
    hey, we get a superstar that we see almost as often as halleys comet
    My God promised me "hope and change" over 2000 years ago, how is your god working out?
  • Posted on 28 June 16 at 16:28Permalink
    Can't wait for achievements hope their better this year
    Richard lind
  • Posted on 28 June 16 at 22:43Permalink
    Break The Streak.
    #1 Resident Evil Fan.
  • ell635ell635280,662
    Posted on 29 June 16 at 10:08Permalink
    The last cover to feature Brock Lesnar was Here Comes The Pain so this game has alot to live up to Imo, but it will likely be a minor update to 2K16 with the bulk of the annual work going into the Lesnar Showcase mode lol :-/
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