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Bit of a problem.

Posted on 28 June 16 at 03:50
I'm playing with my launch day disc fine and I downloaded all the dlcs off my friend's ultimate edition disc (all 6 dlcs are downloaded), but the new quests and the weapon packs you get from the beginning with one of the dlcs are just not registering in game. What should I do? Any tips? How do I know when the story dlcs are active? I'm using the regular disc from the standard edition.

I really don't wanna spend $70 CAD on almost 7 year old last gen dlcs...
Living Legends
Posted on 28 June 16 at 04:28, Edited on 28 June 16 at 04:29 by Living Legends
There are markers around the map that triggers that are like mission quests. The CD you use does nkt affect the DLC's. I borrowed the disc from game stop and installed the dlc and played off my disc that was not tied to the ultimate edition. My brother can use it with the on demand version. As far as not getting specific weapons etc I do not remember since it was many years ago I played this.

Go into the storage and make sure one DLC is not corrupted. Clear cache and redownloaded patch for the game. If not uninstall then re install the game and DLC'S.
Posted on 28 June 16 at 06:01
I'm getting the dlc disc back from my friend now to try again. Kinda pissed off.

What about fallout 3. I have the goty and all dlcs, but I don't see the quests popping up right away. Is that normal? It's been 8 years since I've played it.
Posted on 28 June 16 at 06:02
I'm playing on the xbox one too. Should mention that as well!
Posted on 28 June 16 at 06:43
Figured it out... You play off disc 2. Disc 1 won't read dlcs...
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