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Old Town/Go to the Palace of Machines bug? Xbox One

Posted on 02 July 16 at 14:29
Hey, I'm new here and this is my first post so please be gentle!
I looked but couldn't find a post for this.
I'm on the mission stated in the title but I'm stuck in the Secret Lair, I've been everywhere I've found so far to try get there and nada, I've got no way of using the ink gate to get there as there's no option to. I've seen bug fixes for this in the PC forums but nothing for Xbox. Does anytime have any ideas please? I'm under level 30, 24 I believe, so I can't use the scenarios and there's no games on multiplayer to join to try get there that way.
Thank you for reading and for any suggestions in advance :).
The Allslayer
The Allslayer
Posted on 05 July 16 at 17:44
Immediately after defending the Lair? You have to take the exit in the Lair just to the left of the ink gate and select Old Town on the left side of the screen.
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