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Need help with DLC Exterminatus

Posted on 06 July 16 at 19:31
Me and a buddy have had a nearly impossible time getting 4 people to finish the DLC Exterminatus mode. Does anyone have the DLC and still needs the Achievements?
DuSt x Tramades
Posted on 09 August 18 at 21:23
Oui j'aimerai bien de l'aide smile
Posted on 15 June 19 at 13:14
Im looking for one person to do the public coop chaos invasion if ur available today message me over xbox live so i can arrange a session with my 2 others players thx
Posted on 19 June 19 at 06:15
Apologies, but I already finished this game years ago.
You ever wonder why we're here?
Posted on 11 July 19 at 16:49
I will probably buy the DLC relatively soon and will need the achievements.
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