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Cannot Build Towers in Level 12 "The Brain Bug"

  • AndroidOdnetninAndroidOdnetnin1,041,807
    Posted on 14 July 16 at 13:47
    I have been playing through this game without looking up any walkthroughs and have been feeling pretty good about that fact. This morning, I started the game where I left off: just before Level 12 "The Brain Bug".

    I started the mission with nothing - no ability to buy anything more than the blueprints I pick up in the level. After failing for the 4th time, I buckled and looked something up online on how to beat this level. In the walkthrough (to which I got 2 minutes in), they built other towers! Is something wrong with my game?
    ----Psymon Adjani
  • PsiScreamPsiScream455,276
    Posted on 21 October 17 at 17:20
    Anyone know if this game was ever patched? Reading various reviews it seems it was a bit buggy at the time of release; don't know of a good way to check patch levels of xbox games.
  • JORAXJORAX1,672,186
    Posted on 24 October 17 at 08:55
    I hit this issue in mission 6. No idea why, but as best I can tell I have to reset my game progress to play anymore. Really killing my desire to bother, I wish I'd never got this game now.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 20 February 18 at 01:12, Edited on 20 February 18 at 01:12 by
    I can confirm the glitch is still happening as of Feb 17th 2018.

    That said, anytime I wanted to exit the game I've been pressing B on the world map so that the game goes back to the main menu. Haven't experienced the glitch since I started closing the game after doing that first. Might just be a coincidence though.
    I'm always willing to help other players boost achievements even if I already have them. Just ask!
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