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Max damage!

Posted on 15 July 16 at 13:46
Anyone know what this achievement is for ? It says complete the up your carma mission and thats done on my missions I've completed the 63 missions in the career my achievement status says 50%

Any help would b appreciated
Da Boo Wabbit
Da Boo Wabbit
Posted on 16 July 16 at 01:37
you have to do all 3 ways of the classic carma races, ie win via laps, killing opponents and killing all peds, I was working on this and had several done when it popped even though I hadn't done them all
Posted on 11 August 16 at 20:49
Dose anybody know if they plan on fixing this achievement Max damage as i have had 100% game completion for a month now and both achievements are stuck at 99%? tried everything to get it to pop have the same issue with 50 shades of red aswell.
Neeners Cleedus
Posted on 13 August 16 at 16:25
Same here.
Hurricane Ham
Hurricane Ham
Posted on 22 August 16 at 22:44
Same issue on bulging purse. stuck at 37%
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