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Game not loading correct scene

  • BiG NeilbugBiG Neilbug713,656
    Posted on 17 July 16 at 10:57
    Anyone on here have any problems progressing in the story? I have reached the end of scene 18, the one where Will is in the shower, then brushes his teeth and progresses to the kitchen to make tea, only instead of loading the next scene, it appears to load scene 5, the one where Will's grandmother is babysitting him. Also I am unable to manually reload scene 18, it is unlocked but clicking on it does nothing. I have tried to delete my save, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but to no avail, really don't know what else I can do, it seems my copy of the game is broken somehow, not happy at all.cry
    I like achievements :-D
  • BiG NeilbugBiG Neilbug713,656
    Posted on 17 July 16 at 12:24
    Ok, restarted the game after reinstalling it and deleting my save and already it seems the scenes are playing in a different order from the 1st time, strange. Hopefully I can get to the end this time.
    I like achievements :-D
  • AVJAM75AVJAM75961,492
    Posted on 28 December 16 at 17:43
    I'm just playing this now and the exact same thing has happened. Obviously hasn't been patched.
  • Posted on 18 April 17 at 17:21
    Yeah I have the same problem. Did you finish it big?
  • OverIoadOverIoad935,578
    Posted on 04 July 17 at 10:26, Edited on 05 July 17 at 17:10 by OverIoad
    For me it went to the wrong scene after Scene 3. Played it first going into the kitchen unlocking the achievement. Then reloaded scene 3 and went into the bathroom for that achievement. After that the game loaded scene 11 where you unload the car. The achievements unlocked out of order now as i did scene 4-7 after unlocking the one from scene 11.

    Still not fixed! Just ran into the same problem as above. As soon as he picks up the tea the game loads the grandmother babysitting scene.

    Update 2:
    No one is probably gonna read this but i think this is intentional. It just depends on the choice you make in scene 3 Go to kitchen or bathroom first.
    I've restarted the game and choose the kitchen first as that get's you onto scene 4. But if you choose the other option you go to a later scene and loop back to the other ones at a later point in the game.
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