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Unable to unlock hard mode


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Posted on 28 March 12 at 13:01
I have beaten Infinite Undiscovery 3 times on Normal, but cannot unlock hard mode.cry I have scoured the internet and found nothing that can help, despite many people having this problem.

This post is my last attempt to reach out to the community in hopes someone had this problem and found a solution.
Posted on 30 March 12 at 16:06, Edited on 30 March 12 at 18:02 by TheBrumster89
Have you entered the Seraphic Gate?
My only suggestion, is that if you haven't done so, once you have beaten Veros, teleport back to Kolton and at least step into the Seraphic Gate. Once you get the "Welcome to Seraphic Gate" screen, save in Kolton and then go back to the main menu. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.
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