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Eight More Games Now Backwards Compatible

  • Posted on 23 July 16 at 08:48
    No Sanic Generations? :(
  • ElyohElyoh872,430
    Posted on 23 July 16 at 08:58
    Segendary Ty said:
    Max Payne 3 and Enslaved please!
    Enslaved would be great, I've already done it but it was a great game so would love others to have the opportunity to play it.

    Only two games I think I'm waiting on now are two GWG games, Mafia 2 and Army Of Two: The Devils Cartel.
    No God, know fear. Know God, no fear.
  • Posted on 23 July 16 at 09:41
    More Sonic? Works for me.
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