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God Specific Achievement List

Posted on 08 February 18 at 08:38
Just another post to bump this up to the top of the forums on the achievement page.
North Kai2
North Kai2
Posted on 23 July 18 at 17:02
Bump, just updated this with Achilles, Baron Samedi, and Chernobog.
Posted on 24 September 18 at 20:59
Agreed, bump, and sticky would probably be nice.

Just a heads up that the Ah Puch achievement
SMITECorpses aka LandminesThe Corpses aka Landmines achievement in SMITE worth 59 pointsUnlock the Smite Award "Corpses aka Landmines."

and the Xbalanque achievement
SMITEMore PowerThe More Power achievement in SMITE worth 44 pointsUnlock the Smite Award More Power.

Don't currently appear to be unlocking. No in game award either.
Fear is the mindkiller.
Posted on 23 November 18 at 16:16
Just worth noting to all those looking that this list isn't up to date any more :)
North Kai2
North Kai2
Posted on 12 January 19 at 23:14
Sorry this hasn't been updated in a while. My computer doesn't work the best anymore which makes it difficult for me to make changes to this. The list has all gods released up to Bsron Samedi. So at the moment it's missing Pele, Hera, and King Arthur (who doesn't have achievements at the time of writing this). Whenever I get a new computer I'll make an effort to get this up to date!
Bastian Reader
Posted on 05 May 19 at 06:33
Bump. This is a great organization of the gods. Thanks for taking the time to help out.
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