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Posted on 13 August 18 at 00:16, Edited on 13 August 18 at 00:17 by Redanian
Mephisto4thewin said:
you get resources to allocate towards skills, upgrades of tech and units.
What units do you build in Smite? roll

Mephisto4thewin said:
am I missing something?
Yes, you haven't played a single game of Smite outside of boosting sessions.
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Posted on 13 August 18 at 02:19
Redanian said:
Mephisto4thewin said:
you get resources to allocate towards skills, upgrades of tech and units.
What units do you build in Smite? roll

Mephisto4thewin said:
am I missing something?
Yes, you haven't played a single game of Smite outside of boosting sessions.
pretty much. If you have invested time in the game you would know the strategy does not fit. Gold and xp are the only resource to gather to upgrade yourself. Minions can only receives buffs from God's abilities or items. This kind of buff is irrelevant and minor in the game.
Posted on 13 August 18 at 04:42, Edited on 13 August 18 at 05:37 by TheMaize
Mephisto4thewin said:
Reading the site definition for strategy genre smite does fit doesnt it? You defend a base, you get resources to allocate towards skills, upgrades of tech and units.

Not exactly on team Seth here just reading the defenition and wondering why people are opposing the view? Clearly isnt tower defense though.

Strategy has been applied to Aven Colony, Star Trek Legacy, Battlestations pacific and hamster universe, but Smite is far more strategy than any of those am I missing something?
if earning gold and xp to upgrade yourself and NPCs suddenly makes a game strategy, almost ALL RPG games and modern shooters should have the strategytag aswell.
Part of the definition of strategy, is that you are able to direct (control) your units, and send them to defend or attack.
But in smite the units are just spawned and sent forward in waves, like a hordemode. You have absolutely no control over ANYTHING but your own hero

And yes, Smite is much less strategy than all of the games you mention (even though i also oppose some of those having the tag. Hamster Universe f.ex doesnt fit the site definition either)

Seth was basically argueing, that since some anonymous people on a Wiki used the name action-RTS for moba, it should have the strategytag.
But even if we DID agree with him. That would only prove that the whole moba-genre had strategyelements. Which could then result in a change of the definition for THAT genre.
There would be no reason to ever add the strategy tag, if the general consensus was that the mechanic was part of the definition for ALL Moba's.
That would be like adding actiontags to all shooters

Warcraft 3 as he is referring to, would never have been defined as a RTS back in the days either, if you had only had one hero to move around.

Regarding the tower defense part, you are also in agreement with us. But if anyone else isnt.
Tower defense can be defined as defending something with towers. Not as defending towers.

I cant talk for everyone who commented in this thread.
But i dont know Seth. I dont remember ever seeing anything he wrote in other threads before his posts in here.
I didnt have an opinion on him as a person at that time.
I just highly disagreed with his arguments in this thread.
My opinion of a person wouldnt interfere in how i defined a genre either
Posted on 13 August 18 at 13:55
So the team conferred, and we made changes to the Tower Defense genre in order to clarify the language a bit and tighten up the definition.

As far as Strategy goes, we disagree that a MOBA is automatically a strategy title, including this one. We thank you all for the...lively discussion
Posted on 13 August 18 at 23:44
Just so it's said I do think that there is an argument to be made for MOBA's being added to the strategy genre but this would certainly have be on a case by case basis. There are a few that I've played on PC where you had more interaction with the NPC troops (such as modifying their "class"), could upgrade or modify the towers and generally had a greater amount of interaction with the world. It's really hard for me to accept the strategy tag for a game where your entire focus is on one person because that's no different than an ARPG. Seeing as how those don't get the strategy tag neither do these. But like Vitiated said it's not something we're ruling out, it's just not an automatic thing.
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Posted on 14 August 18 at 01:05
Can we get JRPGs added to the strategy genre too?

One could certainly make the argument that the very nature of the traditional turn-based combat system carries with it a hefty element of strategy : Do you take this turn off and heal up your character or res your fallen party members, or do you go on the offensive hoping that victory is close enough at hand and that you can end the combat with a final powerful blow? There's absolutely an element of strategy in making such decisions and in JRPGs where you're often drawn in to combat randomly and oftentimes in less-than-ideal conditions, I think there's an argument to be made there.

And what about the amount of overlooked strategy that goes in to NASCAR games? Every car's tank only holds a finite amount of gas at once. Choosing when to pull off of the track to re-fuel and re-tune wonky parts that have been battered thus far throughout the face are decisions that are 100% based in real-time and with a strategic element behind them.

Or what about sports simulation games? Say you've been on a roll with your quarterback for the first half of the game and, as a result, your team is now controlling a comfortable lead. But as you enter the second half of the game you notice his energy reserves are fading. His stamina isn't what it used to be and he's starting to fumble passes that were your bread-and-butter as recently as the previous quarter. What do you do in that situation? Do you bench him and pull in the shittier but fresher QB for the same of having a fresh arm behind the ball and, in doing so, aren't you taking a huge risk in gambling your lead on an untested QB who might not excel at the shotgun formation as expertly as your now exhausted QB does? Isn't that the kind of heat-of-the-moment decision that might call on a player to come up with a...wait for it...real time strategy?!

What about platformers? Say you're playing the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane trilogy and you're really busting your dick trying to complete a level. As you near the end of the course you realize that, without even really trying for it, you've managed to collect 90/100 crates and the end of the level is in sight. However, just off to your right there lies a collection of crates on a delicately floating platform in the middle of liquid death. What do you do? Do you just stroll on to the finish line and be happy with your standard level completion, or do you risk it all since you're so close and go for that coveted 100%? How do you make such a strategic decision in REAL TIME?!

When you really think about it, every game is a real-time strategy game at the end of the day, amirite?!

Let's just do away with all the genres and only have RTS on here, since every other game can basically be summed up as one.

Here lies a trite quote from somebody in history you might recognize. It's delightfully witty, yet concurrently incisive, and not at all pretentious.
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