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Alien Cousine Conniseur observation

Z Knows BEST
Z Knows BEST
Posted on 31 July 16 at 23:03
I ask out of curiosity, did anyone else experience that they could not trigger this achievement until after they found the Recipe?
I pretty much subsisted on alien food, and even made attempts to trigger this achievement early on, but, had no success until after I found the Recipe.
Posted on 01 August 16 at 22:46
You can't drink anything when eating the 10 in a row. You should wait until you have 10 then eat all 10 at once. It'll leave you severely dehydrated. I haven't found the recipe, but I have the achievement.
Posted on 10 September 16 at 21:13
Can confirm it has to be 10 in a row without drinking water.
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