Game Discussion: Hole in the Wall: Deluxe Edition

Contortionist bugged or difficult?

  • Matty to tha GMatty to tha G2,122,403
    Posted on 03 August 16 at 01:08
    Wow I can't believe this is the first forum post for a game that's been out for a few years lol. Anyway, is there any confirmation on the status of that achievement that no one on TA has earned?
    tempus edax rerum
  • jordaOwOjordaOwO993,846
    Posted on 19 September 16 at 21:05
    1 person I know supposedly did all the walls and he told me that it didn't unlock. I wouldn't say it's 100% glitches but probably just really hard and hard to keep track.
    Whats ratio?
  • thearyadragonthearyadragon2,847,857
    Posted on 01 December 16 at 23:05
    You have to successfully do all single and multiplayer walls. I don't think it is bugged
  • Posted on 11 February 18 at 18:13
    I just assumed this was unobtainable. Might go for this one, lol.
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  • Posted on 01 February 21 at 20:14
    a decade later and no one has unlocked this achievementshock. Seems the previous player who got it either had their account removed from the site or got banned.
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