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Level Specific Achievements Not Popping NTSC Version

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 03 August 16 at 21:36
    Has anyone had an issue with a level/chapter specific unmissible not unlocking? Level 14's didn't pop but all others did. I did leave it idle for about 10 hours and came back to finish the level, then finished the 15th. The 15th popped but then it said there was some sort of login change or something even though I was still logged in (Only thing I could imagine is if the internet cut out then resynched while I was away).

    Now I saw in the DE version you have to set to home console and play offline, but I also saw that you can back out of the came and come back in and that it SHOULD pop. Well I haven't done the home console bit, but definitely backed out and in, and recompleted the level a few times under different criteria... Nothing.

    Anyone got any idea? Im saving the home console bit as a very last ditch effort.
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  • Posted on 16 August 16 at 07:23
    In a similar boat here. Level 2's mission achievement did not pop for me, and despite all my efforts--deleting everything, going offline (to prevent cloud sync) and then re-downloading the game and replaying first two levels--it will not pop. It's the only cheevy I still need to finish this game. angry
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  • SteakslaveSteakslave594,619
    Posted on 11 November 22 at 11:38
    One Eyed Tigh said:
    It's the only cheevy I still need to finish this game. angry
    Happened to me as well, but with level 12 - a fat 90G!

    So, I went ahead and finished the other achievements and deleted both my local and cloud saves. The next day, I went offline in my Xbox settings, then fired up the game and played through from the beginning in one run. After getting all the way to level 13, I quit the game, went back online, then started the game up once again. Before I even loaded into the title screen, I checked my notifications, and the achievement was unlocked. Perhaps I got lucky.

    Not sure if it makes a difference, but I was playing on my original X1 which is set as my "home" console, as I only use it for digital games anyway. New players should definitely choose to play this offline on the first run. It's a pretty short game, and can be completed in a few hours anyway.
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