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The Extra Mile

Posted on 04 August 16 at 19:55
This may be a long shot, but i have in Award C category, 50% on beat and down and Parlay even though i have platted both.
I have 98% on i love gold and 97% on the plat award..
Again, long shot but has anyone been able to find a work around, or anyone done anything that has made it pop?
I havent tried co op yet, has anybody else done this with any results?

Really pissed off as its my last achievement, and im dying to 100% it, like many others
Posted on 07 August 16 at 00:45
I wish....I have tried to redo many missions and still end up with 98% complete....
Posted on 09 August 16 at 19:26
I believe all these glitched achievements are due to server issues and connection issues. Personally, haven't found any solutions but I have heard that you can contact ubi and ask them to reset your uplay account. Unfortunately, you'll have to start all over and no guarantee you'll avoid the glitch the second time around neither...
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