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Upgrade different spec cars to 1299

Posted on 07 August 16 at 15:27
I have my pref car at 1299 and was wondering do I have to do the same grinding to get the other spec cars maxed out?
Is there any quicker way to get the parts, as I'm now using my street car and thats only level 870 at minute, wondering if it will take same sort of time again.
Posted on 07 August 16 at 18:40
Yea you have to grind one of each spec to 1299. Then you can buy parts in the tuner you have unlocked in that spec, for further cars. It is expensive so don't forget the perk for up to 30% reduction on parts.

For quicker levelling of cars get golds in skills on the west coast for each car part, then grind summit event skills getting any medal in quick things like Speed or slalom, to get guaranteed smart loot (except jump which gives a lot of rims etc).
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