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Why doesn't the "Training Complete" achievement have the time consuming flag?

  • Posted on 09 August 16 at 23:57Permalink
    I saw that the "Man Of Many Weapons" achievement have the time consuming flag, but that achievement unlocks once you reach level 40. So it doesn't make sense that the achievement that requires you to reach level 40 has the time consuming flag on it, but the achievement where you need to reach level 50 doesn't. Am I missing something, or is the flags wrong?
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant482,133
    Posted on 12 December 16 at 15:14Permalink
    If you feel a flag is wrong or missing, you can submit a request for change.
    Under the game icon, click the drop down menu and then submit game information. Next screen, toggle to flags.

    In this instance, the flag was missing due it being flagged under a previous definition of the time consuming flag. The current definition allows the flag to be added and it was added today.

    [WIP] Max Payne 3 - Achievement Flag submissions
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  • Posted on 07 January 17 at 02:19Permalink
    Hey, thanks for the response. It has now been fixed and the level 50 achievement has the time consuming flag now dance
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