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Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Win 8) Walkthrough Discussion

Information Posted on 13 August 16 at 09:43
Please use this thread to discuss the Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Win 8) walkthrough
Information Posted on 16 August 16 at 15:37
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Modern Combat 5: Blackout (Win 8) Walkthrough
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 18 June 17 at 21:38
SP is now available for tiered rewards in Solo, offering 2 SP for meeting the tiered rewards, and 1 SP for winning. There are 3 Solo challenges per week.

Bounty, Sapper, and X-Morph require credits to unlock, with bundles for these going on sale. These bundles unlock the first 3 Skills fully, which means these classes take less SP to max than the normal classes.

No bundles with full class upgrades have been offered since Bounty Hunter and Sapper were introduced.
Posted on 19 June 17 at 03:57
Updated with current information, thanks Shadow!
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 19 June 17 at 04:03, Edited on 30 June 17 at 01:19 by Shadow Kisuragi
I'll get you the exact numbers in the morning. Have them in Notepad on my PC.

Normal Classes: 1+2 (Skill 1) + 2+3 (Skill 2) + 3 (Skill 3) + 4+3 (Skill 4) + 5+4 (Skill 5) + 6+5 (Skill 6) + 7 (Skill 7) + 8 (Skill 8) = 53 SP
Premium Classes (purchased with Credits): 4+3 (Skill 4) + 5+4 (Skill 5) + 6+5 (Skill 6) + 7 (Skill 7) + 8 (Skill 8) = 42 SP

53*4 + 42*3 = 338 SP total required

If we assume Level 60 for XP (I'm at Level 86 currently, but played a lot of Multiplayer), that means 279 earned by challenges. If we go the safe route, and assume that you earn 6 SP per week from challenges, that means it would take 46.5 weeks to earn enough SP from challenges, or 1860 hours of real time. That would also be 47 weeks or challenges, or 141 challenges, that each take under an hour to complete. Based on that calculation, you're looking at 141 hours of gameplay for the challenges.

Also, Rank 1 now provides +2 SP, not +1 SP. Apologies.

Suppose I should mention the challenges. They're a static list, and have certain methods to optimize.

Headhunter: Perform headshots in the campaign.
Top Tier: 300
Play Chapter 4, Carnevale II 01: Support. Focus on hitting headshots with the main gun of the Drone. 50+ headshots are easily possible for each run.

Massacre: Perform explosive kills in the campaign.
Top Tier: 130
Note: Drone secondary (explosive shells) do not count as explosives. Direct impact kills via explosive also do not count as Explosive Kills, so aim shots at the ground or walls.
Play Chapter 2, Spec Ops 01: Assault with the Heavy Class. If possible, bring the SLAK 7H or LGR 35 into the mission, and take advantage of the refill to the left on the top story. If using a SLAK 7H:
Wait for the first two enemies to group together, and kill them with a SLAK grenade. Go around, the corner, and kill the next 2 with another SLAK grenade. Run down the stairs and kill the next group of two with a SLAK grenade. The next group of 3 are difficult to take down with 1 grenade, so use two. There will be 2 more waves of enemies, in a group of 3 and a group of two. Take these down with the remaining SLAK and regular grenades, and then run upstairs to the refill (left instead of right at the fork on the stairs). Come back down, and use an explosive on the guy behind the curtain (don't hit the explosive in front of him directly). Next is a group of 2, and then a group of 4 (which can take 1-2 explosives depending on timing). Last is a group of 3, and a lone enemy. If you've conserved your explosives correctly, you should have enough to use on every enemy, which gives around 26 kills.

Rampage: Perform multi-kills in the campaign
Top Tier: 50
Play Chapter 4, Carnevale II: 01 Support. Focus on using the secondary shell to create multi-kills. 20+ multikills are possible each run.

Rangeless Kill: Kill enemies with a knife as a Sniper in the campaign
Top Tier: 100
Play Chapter 2, Spec Ops 01: Assault with the Sniper Class. Run forward and knife the two enemies in front of you. Take any opportunity to swap out the sniper rifle or pistol with an enemy's weapon. Kill the next soldier that's to the right of the cover. Knife the other. Run down the stairs. Knife the first guy, and then knife the second guy. Advance to the next set of enemies. Don't bother trying to knife anyone here, as it usually results in death. Kill the next 2-3 waves of enemies, and leave the last to knife. Advance down the hallway until the soldier appears behind the curtain, and shoot the explosive in front of him. Move forward to trigger the next 2 soldiers, and then back up until they advance towards you. Kill one and knife the other. Advance forward, and 4 soldiers will spawn. Throw a grenade towards them, and run backwards. Clean up all but 1, and knife the last. Spawn the 3 soldiers, and kill them. This will trigger the last soldier's spawn, which can be knifed.

Rookie Training: Play campaign missions
Top Tier: 75
Play any Assassinate Spec Ops missions. Identify the target and shoot it in the head. Failed missions do not count towards the counter. I personally use Chapter 6, Spec Ops 04: Assassinate, as it gives the most XP per completion.

Reaper: Perform headshots as a Heavy in the campaign.
Top Tier: 200
Same steps as Headhunter, but need to play as the Heavy class.

Deathbringer: Perform kills in the campaign.
Top Tier: 400
Same steps as (multikills).
Posted on 19 June 17 at 12:31
I'll add that into the guides, thanks a ton for providing the numbers!
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 05 July 17 at 12:26
It looks like there's another method to earn SP now as well.
The past two "Boosted" events have given +2 SP as one of the tier rewards.

Boosted events are multiplayer events where Boosters can be used. These boosters can be one-time use, such as Air Support, or match long boosts such as enemies being visible on the mini-map. One in particular, Jackpot, will earn you 10x score for the match.

Score is earned in this event as +1 point for finishing the match, and +X points for the number of kills you get each match. Boosters are not required to enter or even to be used.

Not sure how long they last for (3 days?). Just noticed the SP rewards yesterday, as they had 2 running because of the July 4th holiday and accidentally clicked on it.
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 12 July 17 at 03:22
More info:
It looks like SP is NOT guaranteed as a Tier reward in a Boosted event. The most recent boosted event did not have an SP reward, while the upcoming one as +1 SP for the first tier.

I've yet to see SP as a Squad event reward, but I'll keep an eye on it.
Posted on 13 July 17 at 00:10
Gotcha, I'll be sure to point that out
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 27 July 17 at 13:50
And, new update today...
Update XVII Patch Notes

Of note:
New Level Cap and Rewards

The max level cap has been increased from 120 to 140.
Leveling up can now earn you Skill Points, Credits, Gear Rental time, and Gear Tokens.
Players over level 1 will receive Gear Tokens corresponding to their outstanding level rewards.
Gear Tokens are a new currency that can be exchanged for specific gear pieces and blueprints.
Gear Tokens can be obtained from packs and as level-up rewards.
Diamond Dust can now be used to purchase specific blueprints.

Gear (armor and weapons) can be rented for Credits.
Looks like obtaining a Grenade Launcher will be made easier than it was, and Skill Points are now distributed a little differently across leveling. It used to be +1 SP, from what I noticed, but now it's a bit sporadic:


Max increase from 120 to 140 obviously allows for more SP gain from Levels, and the SP gain from Level-Up Rewards isn't retroactive, but it means you should theoretically be able to gain more SP from leveling overall as well.

Level 2-10: +4 SP total
After reaching Level 10, the level rewards repeat for SP: 1-4, 6-9 = +2 SP for each level (+16 SP for every 10 levels).
Shadow Kisuragi
Posted on 26 October 17 at 13:23
Update XVII
New class added, Kommander. 600 Credits to unlock, yet another premium class to throw on the pile.

That changes the calculation to:
53*5 + 42*4 = 433 SP total required

However, a new SP-specific Bundle was released: 25 SP for $10 USD.

Also, Windows Phone support is being Discontinued after the next update, so syncing between platforms will break on the update after that.
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