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    Posted on 13 August 16 at 10:02
    Please use this thread to discuss the Mad Max walkthrough
  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 13 August 16 at 18:00, Edited on 09 June 18 at 09:45 by Atsumer
    EDIT: 9th June 2018:
    Warner Bros servers are down which makes the Up To The Task achievement unobtainable for anyone who haven't already completed the Challenges "A Penny Saved" and "Dividend".

    I'm the one who will sort this game out and help you complete all collections, challenges and story achievements in the most efficient way I can discover. I have completed the 1000G myself and I did struggle with a few of the challenges. It took me close to 80 hours to complete it and my goal is to write a guide that will help you do it in half that time or less.

    The story is often self explanatory so - even if I will cover the story as well - my main focus will be on locations, collections and the challenges - going area by area as the story progresses. This will be done with a lot of maps and when something is easier to explain with a picture I will use images. I will try to keep both images and text length to a minimum. And due to the unreliability of video hosting services like YouTube and others I will refrain from using or referencing any such. This will be a pure text and image/map walkthrough.

    Let me know if there's anything in particular you wish me to include. Something you struggled a lot with.

    Game Completion Statistics: updated June 26th (comparison June 22nd)
    Percent Complete: 94 (89) +5
    Story Missions Completed: 16 (16) 100% DONE
    Wasteland Missions Completed: 17 (16) +1 100% DONE
    Encounters Completed: 72 (64) +8
    Camps Dismantled: 37 (34) +3 100% DONE
    Scavenging Locations Completed: 227 (221) +6 100% DONE
    Projects Completed: 44 (42) +2 100% DONE
    Challenges Completed: 196 (177) +19
    History Relics Found: 103 (100) +3 100% DONE
    Hood Ornaments Found: 13 (12) +1 100% DONE
    Paint Colors Found: 7 (6) +1 100% DONE
    Death Runs Complete: 1 (1|1)
    Death Run Trophies Earned: 1 (1|1)
    Legend Death Run Trophies Earned: 1 (1|1)
  • Posted on 21 August 16 at 23:02
    good luck buddy you deserve ;)
  • Rista BRista B638,023
    Posted on 12 September 16 at 00:46
    thanks Atsumer, looking forward to your guide
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  • Gislinge10Gislinge10231,657
    Posted on 19 September 16 at 19:01
    What is the status on the walktrough? :)
  • Shh I am BatmanShh I am Batman1,184,063
    Posted on 20 September 16 at 02:12
    In progress. It promises to be a long and detailed work, so it won't be the quickest of turn-arounds.
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  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 25 September 16 at 11:14
    Gislinge10 said:
    What is the status on the walktrough? :)
    Currently working my way through Act 2. I'm creating detailed maps of each area which takes a lot of time - once those are done and the missions stick to areas I've already mapped the pace will increase.

    I can give a taste of what the maps will be. Here's Outer Graves - the first area you'll visit and complete

    This link may break in the future as I might do some changes to the map
  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 10 October 16 at 08:29
    The progression of this walkthrough have temporarily been halted because of UHH2. I don't expect to remain in the competition for too long so I'll soon be back at it again.
  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 06 November 16 at 19:01
    Act 2: Story Mission 5: Into Madness completed

    I'm still working on the best approach to tackle all these locations and how to write the guide as concise as possible. I think I found the right formula today and have been doing some re-writing of earlier missions.

    Now I need to create maps of the Dry Gustie and Colossus regions before pushing on further.
  • Cookman86Cookman861,052,819
    Posted on 06 February 17 at 19:42
    Any updates?
  • Shh I am BatmanShh I am Batman1,184,063
    Posted on 07 February 17 at 18:03
    He sent me the completed 1st Act (maps included and annotated), and is working on the rest of the game. This walkthrough is incredibly detailed, so it may take a little longer than normal.

    Thanks for the continued interest!
    "It's not that I can, and others can't. It's that I will, and others won't."
  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 10 February 17 at 11:26
    I try to make it very detailed but in a compact format. The main reason it's taking so long is that I rarely have the energy to work on it outside of weekends and I'm constantly debating with myself whether to do a straightforward Main Quest+Side Quests guide and finish with a clean up pass of the entire map to get all the rest of the locations/collectibles. Currently I'm trying to get everything in one pass and eliminate all reasons to revisit places you've already been to.
  • Cookman86Cookman861,052,819
    Posted on 19 February 17 at 23:42
    Cant wait, sounds like it will be a great guide
  • Bashemgud 03Bashemgud 031,262,832
    Posted on 13 April 17 at 22:18
    Any updates? Was very much looking forward to this
  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 21 April 17 at 20:02
    Bashemgud 03 said:
    Any updates? Was very much looking forward to this
    It's progressing but there's still much to do so unfortunately it will take me at least two month more to complete. I will have a vacation from work in June and my goal is that this Walkthrough will be done before I go back to work.

    I will start presenting completion statistics once a week from now on. So here we go:

    Walkthrough progress:
    Story Missions complete: 8 of ?
    Side Missions complete: 6 of ?
    Camps completed and dismantled: 16 of 37
    Scavenging Locations completed: 88 of 226
    History Relics found: 38 of 103
  • Cookman86Cookman861,052,819
    Posted on 10 May 17 at 18:36
    This sounds like its gonna be an epic guide
  • Cookman86Cookman861,052,819
    Posted on 18 May 17 at 22:45
    Any updates?
  • TheMaizeTheMaize1,365,894
    Posted on 20 May 17 at 05:57
    Cookman86 said:
    Any updates?
    On 22nd of april, the reply is "atleast 2 more months".....
  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 27 May 17 at 13:39, Edited on 28 May 17 at 15:16 by Atsumer
    The promised weekly updates derailed faster than quick :(

    Since the last update I have put in about 10 more hours to this and now the stats are as follows:

    Walkthrough progress:
    Story Missions complete: 8 of ?
    Side Missions complete: 8 of ?
    Camps completed and dismantled: 22 of 37
    Scavenging Locations completed: 112 of 226
    History Relics found: 52 of 103

    My vacation starts in two weeks and during the following four weeks I will put a lot of hours into this walkthrough. I will be ashamed if I can't have this sent for review before the end of June.

    EDIT (May 28th): Spent 7 more hours today detailing stuff and figuring out a proper order of things. Figure I can use the first Post in the thread to update statistics and use the in-game statistics instead of counting myself :)
  • AtsumerAtsumer434,753
    Posted on 11 June 17 at 11:13
    I now have four weeks off from work and thus have a lot of time on my hand to finish this. Time to get crackin'
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