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Local multiplayer?

Exe the Hero
Exe the Hero
Posted on 17 August 16 at 16:21
Has anyone figured out how to do this? The menu option says something like "partner up with an ai or plug in another controller for 2v2" but it never gives an option to choose which I want. I feel ridiculous, but I can't figure it out. Really the only reason I got this was to play with my girlfriend, so if anybody knows how to set it up, we'd both appreciate it!
Posted on 17 August 16 at 17:54, Edited on 17 August 16 at 18:01 by MyFavoriteElbow
I had the same problem. I'm not sure if there are multiple solutions, however, once I signed controller 2 into a Xbox live account and started a game, it worked.
Posted on 12 June 19 at 17:03
I am having the same issue, both of my controllers are synced with my xbox one, yet I still cannot figure out how to play 2v2 local with a friend. Any suggestions are appreciated. I also checked and both controllers are signed into my xbox live (automatic under controller settings). Or is there a playlink that we need for xbox like playstation has?
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