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Any reason to play on difficulty other than Easy?

  • RhyoliticRhyolitic374,633
    Posted on 09 February 12 at 04:31Permalink
    Are any of the achievements difficulty-gated? I'm just doing my first play and well, if I can do it on Easy, I will.
  • RadiantViperRadiantViper739,488
    Posted on 10 February 12 at 02:53, Edited on 10 February 12 at 02:54 by RadiantViperPermalink
    Is there even as "Easy" in this game? I thought it was just "Medium". You unlock "Hard" when you beat the campaign, and you need to use it to unlock a hidden level or two ... and I think it might make getting high level items easier. But you can switch difficulties at any time, you don't have to start over or anything.

    So to answer your question ... you don't have to worry about difficulties in this game.
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic374,633
    Posted on 10 February 12 at 03:54Permalink
    Ya, there's an Easy difficulty setting. Currently playing on it and some of it is still a bitch. Highest level item I've gotten so far is a B-rank.
  • RadiantViperRadiantViper739,488
    Posted on 10 February 12 at 06:19Permalink
    Ah, my mistake then. Don't worry about having to play on Hard for a bit to finish up some achievements, by that time you should have enough good items to make it easier.
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic374,633
    Posted on 10 February 12 at 07:26Permalink
    Apparently, I was actually playing on Medium. Despite changing to "Easy" in the Option settings in the Main Menu, it was not actually playing me at Easy. I dunno what the hell that setting is for. Maybe Survival? Regardless, I finally beat that godawful Nightmare Train.
  • misfit119misfit119870,383
    Posted on 11 February 12 at 10:00Permalink
    Just a heads up for anyone playing any Namco games - the difficulty select is almost never effective in the campaign or story modes. Like in the Soulcalibur games it never really affects the side mission mode or the story modes.
    Looking to boost any MP achievements I don't have for any game I own.
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