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Ranked Match Players Needed

IIx ANT xll
IIx ANT xll
Posted on 20 August 16 at 10:19
I missed out on the previous session,

This is for players wanting to get the ranked Match wins as everyone plays social on here.

3 players required

Please contact Abbo Bread

I'm not sure how the game session works I've never done one before but I really want this achievement,
Australian Gamer
Posted on 21 August 16 at 15:04
im up for it add me
Posted on 21 August 16 at 19:31
i've done one before, i can set up a session,
A bit afraid tho, seeing the game is pretty much dead
Posted on 22 August 16 at 11:50
I can join up depending on the time and date. I haven't started it but would be fine with getting the ranked stuff out of the way first and then worrying about the rest later.
Looking to boost any MP achievements I don't have for any game I own.
Posted on 22 August 16 at 20:54
I also can join if the timing's right (work Mon-Fri 8-5 Pacific time so any other time would probably work) and I may even be able to bring a friend if need be.
You get people to buy your DLC by making it attractive, not by screwing them out of their current activities -- PuckJunkie
Tuxie Duck
Tuxie Duck
Posted on 23 August 16 at 16:31, Edited on 23 August 16 at 17:08 by Tuxie Duck
I've been after this one for way too long. I've had the game for over a year and I've never gotten gotten a single ranked match. Sometimes I find lobbies, but it's usually just me and one other player, sometimes two others who bail out after waiting couple of minutes. No problem finding casual matches.

As far as I understand the match making process, we can't just start a party and be matched; we actually need to be online searching for the match at the same time.
Tuxie Duck
Tuxie Duck
Posted on 23 September 16 at 22:08
Whoa, having a good day today.

Not only I found 3 other people to get a Rescue mode running, the server's didn't kick us out between the rounds and now I have Ranked Rescue off my list!
Posted on 29 September 16 at 01:23
massage me I have 2 accounts
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