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Another Wave of Roster Reveals for WWE 2K17

  • DutRankDutRank152,817
    Posted on 26 August 16 at 21:55, Edited on 27 August 16 at 01:55 by DutRankPermalink
    I'm really surprised The Revival got in. Probably their pre-tag champion attire and entrance tho.
  • HizokaH8KHizokaH8K273,132
    Posted on 27 August 16 at 02:18Permalink
    Awesome but where is my girl Becky Lynch and I hope Bayley gets in there too
  • DutRankDutRank152,817
  • Posted on 27 August 16 at 18:45Permalink
    Fingers crossed for a shock master skin for Typoon
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  • Epic sn1persEpic sn1pers385,280
    Posted on 02 September 16 at 21:05Permalink
    Sadly Hogan wont be in again, he wont be in any more WWE games I can guarantee that, but as long as Edge, Christian and William Regal are in this game I couldn't care. Don't know if they're planning on topping last years roster, because I have to say, that roster was amazing
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