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Pit People's Closed Beta Starts September 8th

  • KBop a dooKBop a doo323,443
  • Strategy OneStrategy One662,443
    Posted on 26 August 16 at 22:01, Edited on 26 August 16 at 22:02 by Strategy OnePermalink
    Love behemoth, wish they would do a Castle Crashers 2, I loved the fuck out of Castle Crashers.

    These games look good but not as good as Castle Crashers.
  • Posted on 26 August 16 at 23:45Permalink
    I'd rather be the guy in the race car, not the guy changing tires or filling the gas tank. This game is a no go for me.
  • JuicyjamsJuicyjams748,390
    Posted on 27 August 16 at 00:03Permalink
    Looks to be turn based, I have always liked those kinds of games for some reason very curious how much this will be.
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  • ElyohElyoh792,989
    Posted on 27 August 16 at 00:22Permalink
    I know I'm getting a code, can't wait to try it out smile
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  • Posted on 27 August 16 at 02:51Permalink
    Got my code smile
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  • TiagoCostaTiagoCosta202,988
    Posted on 27 August 16 at 16:34Permalink
    Got the mail as well :D
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