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Server Status

  • XpovosXpovos631,454
    Posted on 28 August 16 at 00:28Permalink
    I have been unable to connect to the servers for over 24 hours.

    Servers Shut Down for Five Xbox 360 Ubisoft Titles in September

    With the announcement of several Ubisoft games on the Xbox 360 losing their servers in the near future, this game has to be of some concern, particularly the Xbox 360 version. But if one goes down, why not both?

    Hopefully this is still just a temporary issue and we'll get some official notice before the servers do go down for good.
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  • EVEN5TAR 117EVEN5TAR 117323,166 323,166 GamerScore
    Posted on 28 August 16 at 03:49Permalink
    I hope the same.... :(
    It's a shame because i was planning to finish it in this month, i just took a break enter the game againg and booomm! Can't play
  • XpovosXpovos631,454
    Posted on 29 August 16 at 12:55Permalink
    I was able to log in this morning, and I hadn't lost any progress in my per-day login either. So it looks like it's business as usual for a while longer.
    Time not important; only life important.
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