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No achievement progress

  • FireWolf1015FireWolf1015239,540
    Posted on 31 August 16 at 01:46
    I've noticed that none of the achievements have recent winners since about August 3rd. Anybody else having trouble unlocking these achievements? I've only got two more to go and a few days left on a free trial.
  • AhayzoAhayzo1,493,084
    Posted on 31 August 16 at 02:50
    This is probably another app that went UWP with the big August update and lost it's achievement functionality.
  • FireWolf1015FireWolf1015239,540
    Posted on 13 September 16 at 01:16
    Are there plans to bring the functionality back in a future update? I know it's stupid but I hate leaving things incomplete.
  • AhayzoAhayzo1,493,084
    Posted on 13 September 16 at 01:45
    No. It's a UWP app now, and UWP apps can't have achievements because they are Win10 apps, and those don't have them. Microsoft might eventually change that I guess, but I see no reason why they would.
  • TealRedeemerTealRedeemer538,202
    Posted on 12 October 16 at 07:20
    It may be worth mentioning that filling out their "Achievement Survey" could potentially help in the long run. It is a very short and simple survey that asks a few questions about your specific achievement problems. They explicitly state that they will not contact you if you fill it out, nor do they do individual investigations on any survey response. Instead it is used as a data collection tool. So the more people filling it out, the more likely they are to notice, care, and maybe even do something about it. Survery link below
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