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Help starting Chapter 10...

Aero x360a
Aero x360a
Posted on 31 August 16 at 19:02, Edited on 31 August 16 at 19:09 by Aero x360a
So after finishing up Chp. 9 and getting the last party member I quit the game. Returned to it the next day and i can't find where to continue with Chp. 10. I've travelled to all the map points and still can't find where to start it. I've been following th walkthrough on this site and a video walkthrough at some point so I know what Chp. 10 looks like... I just cant find it.

It's a rookie mistake and its probably something simple I'm overlooking but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

-Got lost in the map
-can't find chapter 10 start point.
Posted on 01 September 16 at 09:21, Edited on 01 September 16 at 09:22 by TangerineGamer
Not played this in a while, but I found this on GameFAQs:

After an ogre battle:
Head on back to Genovefa...
Gen will join your party...
Go on back to the temple and take the elevator down into a long and boss-filled
water temple.
- this is the start of Chapter 10


Hope that makes sense to you, I really can't remember the layout of the game
Yours sincerely, TG
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