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500 Ranked Match Boosting Question

Posted on 01 September 16 at 21:44
On a scale from 1-10 how boostable is this?

1 being: Unboostable, couldnt find my partner at all.

10 being: Consistantly found my partner after the first search no problem, for multiple matches.
Posted on 04 September 16 at 08:30
I haven't actively tried to boost it. HOwever, with 2 different friends we tried to play each other in ranked mode in order to have fun and to have one of us get a victory for the 500 required. I have never been able to play against them. Also, I rarely face the same opponent twice, so I assume there are 2 filters in the matchmaking:
* You can't face anyone from your friendlist
* You can't face the same opponent twice, or maybe you need to wait before you can face him again

I suppose this could be tested with 2 boosters who never had each other in their friendlist. They would communicate through another platform (such as skype on PC or mobile). They try to face each other repeatedly. If it works, I'm curious to know how frequently you can find your boosting partner, and if by unfriending someone you can then meet them in VS battles (or if the filters also remove people who were previously in your friend list).
Failure Online
Posted on 09 January 17 at 06:56
I have been able to match somebody on my friends list but haven't been able to match twice. Waited about 48 hours in between matches as well. I'm suspecting it may be as infrequent as once per week or even one match per season, making boosting basically impossible without making a bunch of accounts. This would explain why matchmaking seems so dead, though, if you literally cannot match the same person twice.
Posted on 09 January 17 at 18:43
I have actually played the same opponent twice in a row before on a few occasions. Very rare, totally uncontrollable.

Hence not a boost achievement.
I used to be indecisive, but not I'm not so sure.
Posted on 11 January 17 at 18:11
I can match with a friend once, but not twice. I have also faced the same opponent two times in a row, but very infrequently. Not very boostable in ranked mode.
Posted on 11 January 17 at 21:08
I tried this out a couple of months ago, I wasn't able to find my back up account at all, was searching for a good ten minutes before giving up.
Note: This post contains my personal opinion. So don't hate on it.
Failure Online
Posted on 12 January 17 at 18:58
I was able to match a friend a second time, with a couple days in between the matches. I've never matched somebody, friend or not, twice in a row to my knowledge. I'm curious if there is some time or matches played component in between which factors into the chances of matching. I've also had somebody I've never matched with previously, though. Often the system will just time out instead of matching with somebody else.
Failure Online
Posted on 16 January 17 at 18:45
Today I matched a random player twice in a row. There must be a pattern here somewhere.
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