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Achievement Boosting

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    Posted on 16 April 08 at 16:03
    Please make arrangements for achievement trading in in this thread
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 08 January 09 at 09:51, Edited on 08 January 09 at 10:08 by MortyDice
    For those of you who are interested in getting online achievements for PGR 3, I hereby propose January 11th and 13th to get them.

    On the agenda :
    -> 25 online Ks ;
    -> Cat & Mouse cheevos for all boosters ;
    -> Cones captures cheevos for all boosters ;

    =>50 Online races, start last/finish 1st, 3-event win streak, clean race, win each scenario.
    This one is going to take a bit more planning. I will be making tables to ensure that everyone gets his achievement. I'll only need help on the last item which I don't quite understand.

    We need at least 4-5 guys and we are already two : Ihsoy76 and I.

    See you on PGR 3.
  • JaredT84JaredT84813,363
    Posted on 08 January 09 at 11:39
    Hi Morty Dice,
    Count me in. What time will you be on?
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 08 January 09 at 11:53
    1900 GMT+1, I guess that'll be easier on Sunday than on Tuesday, but we will have time to do at least 4 out of 5 cheevos.

    Sorry if there are many US residents out there, but at least you will know each other after that.
  • TodwardTodward76,404
    Posted on 08 January 09 at 17:43, Edited on 08 January 09 at 17:44 by Todward
    i need only the 50 races and each scenario.
    i will boost with you guys soon. now i am silver. you can boost together the cat and the mice thing and the 25k kudos and if you only need the 50 races and the scenarios then i change my gamertag to gold and we can boost together. see you soon.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 January 09 at 03:20
    I have a friend, madikin who needs it. Sending him this way. I have it, but still need to get my 50. So i'll join in if you need bodies.
    "Must not everything, in the end, be swallowed up in death?" -Plato
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 09 January 09 at 09:38, Edited on 09 January 09 at 09:39 by MortyDice
    OK, see the max of you on Sunday! Don't forget to send a FR if you didn't already get one from me.
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 12 January 09 at 09:10
    Sorry guys, my 360 passed out this WE. I'm buying a new one ASAP and I will keep in touch.
  • Posted on 13 January 09 at 20:23
    Hi, I'm DACOTO's Friend. I need some achieves and am willing to help return the favor. Thanks.
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 14 January 09 at 15:34
    Hoy Madikin, welcome on board. We still have to help you win your cats & mice achivements. BTW, sorry for my awful English accent, it seemed painful to understand me :D
  • Posted on 04 February 09 at 21:43
    Let me know a date and I'll jump in to help out. I have a couple days free trials I can use.
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 05 February 09 at 10:09
    I missed Todward yesterday. I find it quite impossible to start an online career! I didn't even manage to launch one race!
  • CybiotikCybiotik25,450
    Posted on 08 March 09 at 20:24
    Online Professional (60G) -- Win 3 Races in a Row, Finish a Clean Race, Start Last/Finish First, Finish 50 races, Win every scenario.

    Alright guys and gals...I'm sure I am not the only one who really wants to get this achievement. What hurts is that I have this achievement on my other gamertag that I have long abandoned because it is corrupted. Regardless, I need a few people to help me get this achievement, and as always I shall return the favor.

    After experimenting with a few games, I have made a few quick notes on the way the matchmaking system works in PGR3..(not very well), but there are some ways around it that we can use to get matched up. I need 3 others who still need this achievement, however; there are some requirements for those to be able to join and make matchmaking easy.

    1)Location: You must be in the following to be matched up fast and correctly. (Canada, United States)
    *I'm not trying to to discriminative to our British and European brothers but this is a big part of matchmaking.

    2)Level: You must be above a level 10 in your PGR3 online career. The matchmaking system distinguishes between 15 points between levels. So 1-10 will be matched up, 10-30, and finally 30-50. I am level 26 at the moment and will be trying to level down to about a 20 today to make it easier.
    *For those who are under level 10, play a few Gotham Duel races for they are quick and you will always get matched. Only need to win 1 or 2 races to get to level 11-15 so it should be easy.

    3)Peer Review: It makes it easier by 15-20% for all of us to be matched up if you leave good player feedback to your fellow racers, so upon entering the lobby just leave 3 good feedback messages to all who are joining the cause. Easy.

    So do I have any takers?


    You must be committed and trustworthy, we are all helping each other. I only need 4 more scenarios and have completed all other requirements, but I am willing to help all who join until your receive your achievement.

    Take care, good luck, have fun and lets do this!
    Dreaming In Pixels
  • CybiotikCybiotik25,450
    Posted on 09 March 09 at 00:24

    Two more people needed, if you consider yourself a good sport and want the achievement, let me know.
    Dreaming In Pixels
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 09 March 09 at 09:43
    I'm in but in Europe.

  • Posted on 01 April 09 at 20:07
    Looking to get the Mouse Master achievement if anyone can help me out please let me know.
  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 02 April 09 at 08:32
    I'll try to help you during my next attemp at playing the online career...
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 29 April 09 at 15:50
    Has anyone managed to arrange this yet?

    Could do this anytime today 29/4. Any online boosting.
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  • MortyDiceMortyDice165,738
    Posted on 29 April 09 at 15:57
    I'd like to try it too. I'll launch it to see if I see you.
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 29 April 09 at 16:13, Edited on 30 April 09 at 16:37 by
    MortyDice said:
    I'd like to try it too. I'll launch it to see if I see you.
    Morty, Batteries just died on my controller. Popping out to get more, be back online soon matewave
    Still Pimpin Mumz- I'm not an Achievement Hoare, I'm the Pimp of them!
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