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New Clubs and Looking for Group Features Come to the Xbox LIVE Preview Program

Posted on 09 September 16 at 14:01
Just checked it out and I'm loving it!
l Archvile l
l Archvile l
Posted on 09 September 16 at 15:09
Nothing for me yet. Though I do have the preview update video on the dashboard regarding the clubs update. But nothing under the friends list
Posted on 10 September 16 at 15:07
Stryker can has said:
Goggs25 said:
Kyo said:
Goggs25 said:
great more pointless crap hen are MS going to get off there lazy disabled hating ass and add the option to turn off controller vibrations.

Also let us RIP audio discs so we don't have to pay for crappy grove sub
Audio discs? lol ...Use a flash drive.
that makes no sense after all for me to use flash drive to listen to music I still would need a audio disc to copy music to PC then copy it to flash drive.
A disk holds 80 mins of music. A flash drive holds many times that. With the latter you don't need to swap the thing out every time you have a change of heart about your current listening preference... and you can play disc-based games while listening to music from a flash drive.
There are benefits.
Its clear you have not used the RIP audio feature on xbox 360 if you did u would know that is copies the music to the hard drive which hold even more then a flash drive you then can remove audio disc and play a game disc while you listen to music you just copied to your hard drive
KGI Klikopedia
Posted on 10 September 16 at 19:47
LFG is for people to lazy to go to and half of the things in clubs you can do without clubs. I wonder if there are no better things to do for MS.
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I ManuBad iT I
Posted on 21 September 16 at 19:14
Awesome feature!
The life is hard, if you are tard is hardest!
Posted on 22 September 16 at 06:31
Nice feature...
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