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Rocket League - Item Trading

Posted on 04 April 19 at 17:41
can someone help me with "painted item", is there anyone who can lend it to me? as soon as the achievement pop I will give it back to you, is my last online achievement here, I'm going crazy to do this, Thanks in advance for the help.
Posted on 11 April 19 at 14:55
I'll help if you send me a message on XBL at some point.
Bobby Blane3
Bobby Blane3
Posted on 16 April 19 at 13:08
Looking for very rare, painted, and veteran items if anyone is willing to trade. Just want to get achievements and then I'll trade it back to you
Ub3 xTr1PpiNx
Ub3 xTr1PpiNx
Posted on 11 May 19 at 16:12
Looking for bubbles rocket trail for achievement
Reborn Insanity
Posted on 11 May 19 at 17:02
I think you unlock that one from just playing regularly. Go into a mutator match with just yourself and the score set to 1 and complete a ton of matches real fast to unlock all the base items.
See You Space Cowboy...
Posted on 11 May 19 at 17:15
Ub3 xTr1PpiNx said:
Looking for bubbles rocket trail for achievement
Like Reborn said, you'll have to unlock that one yourself. It can't be traded.
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