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Latest WWE 2K17 Trailer Highlights Expanded Roster, Backstage Brawls

  • Kiwi SoldierKiwi Soldier487,222
    Posted on 11 September 16 at 03:52Permalink
    This actually has me really keen clap
  • Posted on 11 September 16 at 05:00Permalink
    Looks cool, I'll get it in 10 years, when I've finally finished 2k16... Haha The game does look pretty good, hope it doesn't contain a garbage achievement list this time around.
  • Posted on 11 September 16 at 05:51Permalink
    I'm really looking forward to this.

    I'm gutted they couldn't include Showcase Mode this year, as Brock Lesnar's "Here Comes the Pain" all the way to "Conqueror of the Streak & the 1 in 21-1" would have been amazing. Especially with the amazing Paul Heyman Promos.

    Hopefully Universe Mode can grip me this year, as it's never really had a hold of me in previous WWE Games. And hopefully Career Mode isn't a slog this time around, as it went on forever last year.

    I'm glad they've listened to the fans too & brought back Backstage Mode & have refined the Submissions from WWE 2k16, as I hated them last year (I lost count of how many times I had to keep doing that same annoying segment with Enzo Amore in the NXT Career Tutorial.)

    The presentation has always improved every year too. Especially current gen. I liked how 2K16 had no loading between Entances to give it that live feel, and how they've scanned even more Superstars this time around as opposed to just HHH & John Cena, as last year, a lot still had that last gen look about them on Xbox One.
  • EinhanderEinhander344,268
    Posted on 11 September 16 at 08:00Permalink
  • TrooperAndy7TrooperAndy7561,807
    Posted on 11 September 16 at 10:28Permalink
    I just hope you can do the backstage brawl matches online as well! Had so much fun in private matches with friends on WWE 2K16 and that would be a whole other level of 'what cool stuff can we break each other with'
    Why are there so MANY numbers!?
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 11 September 16 at 14:47Permalink
    The only interesting thing on current gen wwe games was the showcase, the gameplay changes they made were horrific.

    2k14 on 360 was the last interesting one
  • TheIrishBeastTheIrishBeast1,095,237
    Posted on 12 September 16 at 13:11Permalink
    Great trailer and good hype building campaign as usual. No Showcase is a huge loss. It has been my favourite mode for years now. MyCareer needs a lot of work after 2k16s joke of an achievement list. This mode was clearly designed as a free to play grind fest, specifically for micro transactions to buy the VC etc and to pay to win, then they never put any in at all.

    I hope there is none of that this time.
  • Julz D 01Julz D 01451,024
    Posted on 13 September 16 at 20:55Permalink
    Why The hell is there no showcase mode?
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