Game Discussion: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD Multi-Genre Discussion

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    Please use this thread to discuss this games classification under the new multi-genre system.

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    Based on the genre descriptions, i selected Adventure and Hack'n'Slash.

    Likely the same as the other LOS games. But i think the difference in gameplay due to the camera perspective (or degrees of freedom) is important.

    How are we to describe the camera perspective?
  • Posted on 27 May 17 at 22:42Permalink
    SpiralGamerpro has registered their disagreement about the genres applied to this game
    Not a traditional Castlevania, but this is a Metroidvania and deserves a Platformer tag added to Action-Adventure. This is also not a Hack & Slash.
  • Zonrith1Zonrith1575,548
    Posted on 15 June 17 at 14:26Permalink
    Agree with the submission upon looking at footage of gameplay. Recommendation:
    Add: Platformer
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  • Zonrith1Zonrith1575,548
    Posted on 27 June 17 at 02:54Permalink
    Agreement reached, Platformer has been added. Thanks.
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