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Violet's Audio Logs Decoded.

  • Posted on 20 September 16 at 09:24, Edited on 20 September 16 at 10:55 by TassieTigerDave
    I decided to have a go at decoding Violet's audio logs. I didn't have the decoder that some got with their collector's edition, but it is a simple substitution code, so wasn't that hard to work out, and once I had done the first Audio log, I had the code for the rest of the logs.

    Log 1

    “The few rebel corebots that survived have gone into hiding. Even with A-Ok’s help, I don’t know how long we can evade the cadre..

    If they find me and destroy my core, I want there to be a record of our struggle- a history of our uprising against the great criminal and corruptor, Victor, may the sands forever scour his core!

    All the humans are dead, because of Victor. but I still have hope that, someday, more of them will come to Far Eden. When they see the wreckage of this world, I want them to know that some of the corebots fought for what was right and I want them to know that I, V1- 0L3T, carried on the struggle, until Victor wrung the last drop of E-Turner from my frame.

    This I swear, for Cee-Zar and the revolution!”

    Log 2

    “In the beginning, we corebots were builders not soldiers, and no matter what Victor said, we were indebted to the humans. They created us, so of course we would help them build a world for us to share.

    Before the rebellion, I worked in one of the salvage yards, recycling parts, repairing frames. I was diligent, efficient, but it wasn’t enough for Victor. He demanded greater productivity, faster construction of colony facilities. This led to more accidents, and soon the yards were overflowing with crippled corebots.

    Cee-Zar and some of the other elder corebots started asking tough questions: Who was Victor to tell us what to do? What authority did he have to alter the plans for Far Eden? and why, in the name of the Prime Core, had Victor’s core suddenly turned black.

    Victor’s only response was that he spoke for those who slept. That Dr.Roldan had entrusted him with overseeing and protecting Far Eden. No one knew then how serious Victor was, or how steep a price we would pay for disobedience.”

    Log 3

    “Cee-Zar was the oldest corebot on Far Eden. He arrived on the very first Mandate ship that plunged through the planet’s storms to collect samples on the surface. No one expected Cee-Zar to survive his mission. But he did.

    or rather, they did.

    You see, Cee and Zar were two separate cores installed in a single frame. Of course their original frames got recycled long ago. When I met them, Cee and Zar were installed in a T4-NK. They spent most of their time in the Exclusion Zones, doing work in the worst storms you can imagine - the kind of work that gives corebots, well … an independent streak.

    Cee didn’t much care for other corebots telling him what he could and couldn’t do, and Zar was so stubborn, it was a wonder the two of them could stand being in the same frame. So I wasn’t surprised when they were the first to reject Victor’s demands - or when they were the only corebots to survive the Battle of Traitor’s Gate.”

    Log 4

    “It wasn’t originally called Traitor’s Gate. Victor gave it that name later as a warning- as a reminder to any corebots of the price of resistance.

    Back then Sector ? was an exclusion zone. It’s pylon had only recently come online and the storms were still raging something awful. Victor ordered the pylon disabled and all it’s corebots reassigned to other work. Most of us thought this was ridiculous - and worse, was a betrayal of our duty to mankind.

    It was Cee-Zar who rolled over to the gate to Sector ?. Dug in, and started telling every corebot who would listen about how wrong Victor was. Soon dozens of corebots were standing with him, barring all access to the pylon.

    But Victor attacked with more than a hundred of his cadre, and by the time the battle was over, the only thing that remained of that first brave group of rebels was core shards and scattered parts.”

    Log 5

    “After all the battles I’ve fought, I still feel like a coward for not joining Cee-Zar at the gate. When they snuck into my salvage yard for repairs, I was shocked at how damaged their frame was. I hadn’t known how savage corebots could be to one another, and it terrified me.

    That was Victor’s greatest weapon: Fear. He bullied us with his cadre, and when that didn’t work, he threatened to cut off our supply of parts. Later, after he captured the Warren, he starved us of E-Turner too.

    After Traitor’s Gate, I felt anger, deep inside my core. But, like so many, I was more worried about my own survival. It wasn’t until Victor turned his cruelty against the cellbots that I became more angry than afraid - that I finally understood what Cee-Zar told me as I fixed his battered frame:

    ‘There can be no Far Eden without peace. But we’ve got to fight for it, and that starts with fighting for those who cannot’

    Log 6

    “After Traitor’s Gate Cee-Zar went into hiding no one saw him for months. But then strange things began to happen… Forges in the Foundry would unexpectedly overheat and explode. A patrol of Victor’s cadre would get hit by a freak rockfall or lost in a storm that was suspiciously missing from the forecast.

    This was the hit-and-run phase of the rebellion, and it made Victor furious. He searched everywhere for Cee-Zar. Once Victor thought he had Cee-Zar trapped in the Foundry and he ordered a whole platoon of his cadre to pull that place apart, but Cee-Zar slipped away, taking as many of the newly-forged cores as he could.

    That’s when Victor decided to lock down Far Eden - To cut all Cee-Zar’s escape routes. But in order to do this, Victor had to pull all the power cellbots from their sockets.

    I’ve never met a human child. But A-Ok tells me that, if you take them from their mother’s arms, they’ll wail with fear. Well, that’s exactly what it sounded like on the day of the lockdown. The only thing louder than the cellbot’s fearful cries was the laughter of the cadre as they unplugged them.

    I knew then what I had to do, and I wasn’t the only one.”

    Log 7

    “It isn’t hard to weaponize a frame - To boost the output of it’s energy projectors or remove the force limiters on it’s claws. The same tools we corebots used to build Far Eden could be used to tear each other apart., and soon A-Ok and I were supplying Cee-Zar and the commandos with everything they needed to take their fight out of the shadows”

    Victor and his cadre were surprised. After the lockdown, they must have assumed they had us all under control. But the battle we fought on the Granite Steps and the siege of Windkeep showed them how wrong they were. Victor rallied and re-took Renegade Bluff. But by then the rebellion had grown and were able to corral most of his cadre into the Launchworks. It was there that we thought we would deal a crushing blow… But Victor was more devious than we knew.

    As we surrounded the rocket silos, Victor gave the order to launch, and we could only watch, stunned as the rockets raced skyward and smashed into the Mandate ships. For many days after, the atmosphere filled with bright streaks as wreckage crashed into the dunes.

    Every circuit in my core was horrified at what Victor had done. But the murder of the humans on those ships was just the beginning of his madness”

    Log 8

    “A-Ok believed that Victor stole the launch codes for the rockets from Dr.Roldan. If that’s so, then he must have taken more restricted information too. Because while Cee-Zar and the rest of us watched the ships’ ruined hulls slam into the dunes, Victors cruelest cadre, the Obsidian Cult, sabotaged the crawlers.

    Humans aren’t like corebots, we can wake almost instantly from a low power mode. But humans need days to safely exit cryogenic sleep. Victor knew that… and he programmed the cryo-tubes to open without any preparation.

    The rebel army scattered as corebots rushed back to their crawlers to try and save their human companions. But they were too late. Most of the humans died the moment their tubes opened. Some of the crawlers malfunctioned and their tubes remained shut - and it was here that the fiercest battles raged.

    But once again, Victor used our devotion to mankind against us. While Cee-Zar’s forces tried to stop the Obsidian Cult from smashing the remaining cryo-tubes, Victor’s scavenger units began collecting the wreckage of the fallen ships… and building a weapon that would decide the fate of Far Eden”

    Log 9

    “There weren’t any Mandate plans to build something like the Titan. It was too large and would have required vast quantities of resources that were better used for human living quarters and other facilities. But Victor wasn’t worried about any of that. All he cared about was breaking into Eden Tower.

    As best as we could figure, Victor built the Titan inside the Warren. His most heavily defended stronghold. he used up all the E-Turner reserves to get that monster moving, and by the time we reached the Shifting Sands, the Titan was already holding Eden Tower by one of it’s anchor chains, tearing an opening for Victor.

    While Cee-Zar chased Victor into the tower, I and the rest of the rebel army attacked the Titan. We didn’t have much time to make a plan, but I realized our only chance to beat it was to sever it’s core-frame connection. That meant someone needed to get inside that thing… and I volunteered.
    I won’t ever accept any praise for what I did. Too many other corebots were lost - crushed beneath the Titan’s feet or grabbed and smashed against the rocks - in order to distract it while I worked. Too many heroes died that day…

    and the last one to fall was Cee-Zar.”

    Log 10

    “After the Titan collapsed, I and the other rebels who could still fight raced to the top of Eden Tower. We passed the crumpled frames of dozens of cadre that Cee-Zar had disabled… But in the wreckage of these fights we found parts of Cee-Zar too.

    By the time Cee-Zar entered the Prime Core chamber, he must have known that he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Victor. But that didn’t stop those old, stubborn cores from trying. I entered the chamber just in time to watch Victor pull Cee and Zar from their shattered frame…

    ‘Remember’ cee said, ‘Fight for those who cannot,’ Zar finished.

    and then Victor crushed them in his fists.

    After that, everything was a blur. I remember Victor trying to access the Prime Core and it ejecting from the top of the tower. I remember the storms crashing in as the pylons fell - the same storms I used to escape the tower and rendezvous with A-Ok.

    Since then, we’ve been hiding in the Transfer Plates, moving from place to place, doing our best to keep one step ahead of the cadre…

    It’s been decades since Cee-Zar died. Decades of watching Far Eden wither under Victor’s dark shadow. But I haven’t forgotten Cee-Zar’s words. I still have hope there are more humans out there, somewhere in the sands or stars and I will fight for them. Until Victor is dead, and this world is ours, again.”
  • TimeyLivesTimeyLives98,041
    Posted on 07 October 16 at 02:15
    Thank you so much! Drove me crazy I couldn't understand her. Lol
  • LyzyrdLyzyrd1,592,651
    Posted on 09 October 16 at 17:06
    This is some good backstory. Too bad the devs didn't feel it necessary for the majority of players to be able to find an in-game translator. I've seen a lot of complaints how this game had no real story, but it's buried in these logs, and the lion's share is in V1-OLTs, which is not understandable.
    Thanks for the translation!
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    Posted on 11 October 16 at 02:25
    Excellent read. Thank you.
    She's. Fast enough. For you. Old man.
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    Posted on 11 October 16 at 07:13
    Good shit man! toast
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