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    Posted on 29 September 16 at 08:33
    Please use this thread to discuss the Cloning Clyde walkthrough
  • Posted on 01 October 16 at 12:29
    I'm the owner of this walkthrough and I'll be providing you the information you need to help you complete this game. I will try and get this walkthrough completed soon so that you guys can use it when you decide to play and complete the game.

    Many Thanks
  • Posted on 28 October 16 at 16:54, Edited on 28 October 16 at 16:55 by BulgyDragonZord
    Hey guys, I thought I'd give you all an update on this walkthrough since it's nearly a month since an update has been made.

    Bascially this walkthrough is taking longer than anticipated. I've also been slacking a bit because I've been punished to work on other games before server closures & de-listings, which prevented me from sitting down and working on the walkthrough. Also tiredness and falling asleep on the sofa set me back.

    However I am pleased to tell you all that the progress is going great. The walkthrough will be better than predicted since I'm providing a lot of written detail in each level in the game. I've also been using a dummy account to replay the game, meaning where I've been with the dummy, you will likely follow too when you read the walkthrough.

    I hope to have this done in a short while. Just a little patience and we'll get there. Many thanks.
  • Posted on 15 November 16 at 22:17
    I am happy to report that I've spent a decent amount of time, especially today and I've just finished the walkthrough for this game. I've handed it over to the Overseer so hopefully you guys will be able to have a look at it soon enough.
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