Game Discussion: Dead Rising

will my achievements repop from last gen?

  • Posted on 30 September 16 at 00:57
    similair to GTA 5 from 360 to xbox one

    will i get all my achievements from last gen

    like i have 7 day survivor on 360 will i get it when i play the remake on xbone?
  • SpilnerSpilner839,345
    Posted on 30 September 16 at 01:01
    Nope, start from scratch
    Pom poms at the ready, cheerleaders!
  • Deadsea 1993Deadsea 1993191,654
    Posted on 31 January 17 at 00:45
    No as this is an entirely remade game. This and Deadrising 2 are remastered games. I'm actually excited to earn every achievement all over again. On the 360 for both games I've started at level 1 several times and have done several Saint runs just for fun.
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