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Ubisoft Discuss For Honor's Closed Alpha In Latest Video

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Last post: 23 Feb at 18:16
Posted on 06 October 16 at 16:11
Including the unfortunate news that there will be no split-screen multiplayer

Please click here to read the story: Ubisoft Discuss For Honor's Closed Alpha In Latest Video
TIB Dies Irae
TIB Dies Irae
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Last post: 14 Feb at 00:16
Posted on 06 October 16 at 17:16
The Alpha for this was amazing can't wait for the full game!!
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Last post: 16 Feb at 23:06
Posted on 06 October 16 at 17:42
Tried the alpha but couldn't get into it at all, though i might give it another go when the beta comes around
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Posted on 06 October 16 at 20:14
Until Ubisoft turns back on the Splinter Cell Blacklist daily challenges they will not see anymore of my money. For now, this one is a pass. If they will not support the games I buy, I will not support them either.

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Posted on 07 October 16 at 13:55
The alpha was so much fun! Looking forward to playing the beta and seeing what things they polished.
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Posted on 11 October 16 at 02:36
REALLY sad that they dumped the split-screen multiplayer.
My wife and I were looking forward to playing this one together.
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