Game Discussion: Blue Rider

Blue Rider achievements are now on the site

  • Information
    Posted on 08 October 16 at 10:53
    Blue Rider has 32 Achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore
  • RatpoizenRatpoizen762,303
    Posted on 17 October 16 at 22:41
    One achievement in this game is a joke. I can't see how it's possible to beat it in under 30 minutes. There are 9 stages, so that means an average of just over 3 minutes per stage. You would have to literally speed run each stage until the boss then kill the boss in 1 minute. Even the achievement to complete the game in 1 hour is very very very hard. I think the devs are taking the micky.
  • RatpoizenRatpoizen762,303
    Posted on 27 October 16 at 18:50
    ^^Ok, well I'm wrong lol. Mystical Dragon and Instant Rival have beaten it in under 30 mins. wave
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