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Drop the bass achievement stuck at 66%

Posted on 18 May 18 at 14:47
Contacted the developer on twitter a week ago and not had any form of reply. Doesn’t look like they are interested in a fix.
FF7 Bryan
FF7 Bryan
Posted on 05 June 18 at 22:07
i'm actually stuck at 33%. There was a period of time where nothing registered from marrakesh to colorado. I had to delete saves to redo the complete all opprotunities, but this achievement eludes me and looks like there is no fix.
Its Dan
Its Dan
Posted on 31 July 18 at 12:41
If it is stuck at 33% it means you haven't taken up the opportunites to push both over a ledge. I also thought mine was bugged then I did that and it unlocked perfectly fine.

I advise anyone at 66% to try this as I don't think the coconuts are the problem. After I pushed 1 guy it goes to 66% so the last guy would make it pop. Might as well try in my opinion.
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