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Looking for some TA friends.

  • Jeh64Jeh64266,377
    Posted on 10 October 16 at 14:07Permalink
    Hi all,

    Was hoping to get a "friend" thread going, for those of us that don't have many TA friends. I always enjoy seeing what others are playing and comparing scores. Feel free to post or shoot me a request.

    Hope this is ok to post in this forum, if not, please move/remove. Thanks!
  • SuzyReddSuzyRedd32,624
    Posted on 10 November 16 at 13:46Permalink
    Hi. I am new here. You can add me
  • Posted on 10 November 16 at 14:37Permalink
    Feel free to send me an FR too!
  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic582,321
    Posted on 11 November 16 at 13:38Permalink
    TrueAchievement said:
    Feel free to send me an FR too!
    Same here!
    TA Social Manager | Newshound | Game Info | Community & Events Team | @DaveKinetic
  • Posted on 11 November 16 at 13:45Permalink
    I'm friendly, sometimes boost and always willing to discuss games in common. Send me a request if you'd like!
  • K1ckK1ck1,040,221
    Posted on 05 December 16 at 11:27Permalink
    Jeh64 said:
    I always enjoy seeing what others are playing and comparing scores.
    That's what I like most about this site, but I don't have many gaming friends either.
    If you are still interested in adding new people, feel free to send me a FR.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 05 December 16 at 16:03Permalink
    We're all friends here on TA smile
  • Posted on 05 January 17 at 12:30, Edited on 05 January 17 at 12:33 by lazyNeighbourPermalink
    I would love to have more friends too. The more the merrier :)

    Ps. I have send FR to all of you above me :D
  • Posted on 10 October 17 at 21:28Permalink
    Request sent!
  • Posted on 17 November 17 at 08:19Permalink
    New to Xbox and getting an X as my first console, looking to add some friends on here and Xbox wave
  • StillKronicStillKronic161,996
    Posted on 25 November 17 at 08:21Permalink
    Been on this site a long time but was never constantly active until the past couple weeks. I'll go ahead and add you!
  • Posted on 28 November 17 at 09:13Permalink
    You guys can add me as well. I’m also in lack of Live friends as well since I created a new Live account. Let me know if you ever need a boosting partner as well, I’m down to always boost for achievements I don’t have yet.
  • Posted on 01 December 17 at 15:13Permalink
    You can add me to the list too !!
  • Project RedsProject Reds151,364
    Posted on 02 December 17 at 09:13Permalink
    I’m also looking for friends sending you all requests above me anyone else’s that sees this post feel free to add me too I’ll accept
  • Project RedsProject Reds151,364
    Posted on 02 December 17 at 11:19Permalink
    Didn’t mean to delete last post couldn’t find the edit button sorry I’m on mobile currently don’t own a PC just Xbox.
  • Greenguy81Greenguy81150,612
    Posted on 07 December 17 at 12:55Permalink
    Always looking for new friends here on TA and on Xbox

    Sent requests to those above and if you want to send me a FR feel free dance
  • Jeh64Jeh64266,377
    Posted on 08 December 17 at 02:00Permalink
    Thanks guys, glad to see more people in here! clap
  • Posted on 27 August 18 at 05:13Permalink
    I'm newer here too (joined 2014, but really didn't get into achievement hunting til a few weeks ago). Anyone is free to add me here or on Xbox Live!
  • Posted on 29 August 18 at 14:13Permalink
    Well I'll just add you all! you can always say no, I'll always try and help with any of your achievements your trying to get.
  • VolganiteVolganite18,260
    Posted on 14 January 20 at 09:29Permalink
    Feel free to add me also!
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