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Fix for Glitched Achievements

Mo Shizzy
Mo Shizzy
Posted on 10 October 16 at 23:47
Hey everybody. I just wanted to write this fix for everybody if their achievements glitch. For me it was the "Adventurer" achievement. When I looked at the Feats and Setbacks list, all of the matches had check marks next to them but the achievement wouldn't unlock. WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL YOU FINISH EVERYTHING ELSE. Click the start button on the game and go to "Manage Game". After that go to Saved Data. Do NOT click Delete All. Click on the actual data and make sure that you click "Delete All". This will remove all of your save data on the console and in the cloud. When I checked on my "Feats and Setbacks" the check marks next to the matches were gone so I replayed each match once and it popped immediately. I hope this helps somebody and good luck to anybody trying it!
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