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An honest impression of the game....

  • Don SantinoDon Santino176,348
    Posted on 11 October 16 at 22:27Permalink
    Hi guys. Just wanted to hear from those of you who have actually purchased and are playing the game right now. I've been highly critical of the series over the past few years because I've been playing it for well over a decade now so my expectations have been high. Understandable for a fan of any franchise with such a long tenure.

    I was very disappointed with last years title and from what I've seen and read of this year's, it looks like much of the same (especially with copy and paste achievements).

    So honestly, what do you guys like best about the game so far? What don't you like? And was it really worth the full price you paid for it? Is this a AAA title like a battlefield, gears of war or uncharted because its certainly priced like one.

    I paid £54 for the deluxe edition last year and felt robbed. The game was worth £20 imo. Career was a terrible and repetitive grind. Showcase was frustrating and frankly bland. No real gameplay tweaks. Features cut out from years previous still missing but now suspiciously making their way back in this year as 'new'. Universe mode not working properly and the god awful online. It felt very toned down and its clear these games are made for children right now since that is wwe's main audience.

    I'm tempted this year because I'm such a huge wrestling fan and some of the things they've tweaked and added do look good, but I feel I'd get bored rather fast and the novelty would wear off.

    So I'll leave it with you guys. Let me know! Cheers.
  • Dave BodomDave Bodom849,060
    Posted on 11 October 16 at 22:31Permalink
    My current negatives are the inevitable outdated Roster, but that can't really be helped, and the graphics really need work, whilst the character models are detailed (Minus hair) they've really dropped the ball on how bland the arena and such looks, and some characters are terrible in comparison to the effort theyve clearly gone on some characters. Other than that gameplay has been really smooth for me so far.

    Yet to start Career or Universe, glad Showcase is gone, really got bored of that concept.
  • Don SantinoDon Santino176,348
    Posted on 12 October 16 at 22:27Permalink
    Cheers mate that is appreciated. Could you update this when you've got a good amount of time in career and universe mode please?
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