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Looking for players, who want to do the Endurance co-op achievements together

  • OuseSerBrOuseSerBr104,508
    Posted on 24 March 18 at 17:31Permalink
    Alguém que fale português e quer tentar as conquistas do Coop pode me add e chamar!
  • Posted on 26 March 18 at 00:18Permalink
    Looking for someone to do these achivements too! Leave me a message on XBL or on the site if interested.
  • Posted on 26 March 18 at 22:18Permalink
    I would like to do im interested Bubbah Doodie is my ganertag message me
  • UvularSquid1UvularSquid1300,963
    Posted on 27 March 18 at 19:11Permalink
    This is UvularSquid1, i need somebody to play coop endurance to clear achievement-related challenges if nobody else ever joins. If you wish to play coop endurance, please join or invite me, or log in trueachievement site to post a message to the forum to get invited.
  • tynderitynderi245,564
    Posted on 28 March 18 at 08:46Permalink
    Please note that yesterday and today the RotTR achievements are bugged and won't unlock. Did endurance stand in fire and also eat the meat of 5 wolves achies, the challenges were completed but no achievement unlocked. Same with the confuse 3 enemies with one poison arrow.

    So if you are playing achievements, make sure to try one easy first before going for too much effort.
  • Posted on 01 April 18 at 23:32Permalink
    I would like to join someone to go for achievements in endurance coop,smilelooking for message,
  • CruezillaCruezilla471,892
    Posted on 25 April 18 at 18:52Permalink
    Looking to do all co-op endurance achievements toast
  • Posted on 03 May 18 at 07:19Permalink
    need someone to do this with, i usually play 8pm gmt but i may be free other times. Send me a message
  • Posted on 05 May 18 at 05:36, Edited on 06 May 18 at 19:13 by LAZY SHIKAMARUXPermalink
    Looking for a partner as well, message me on TA or XBL if you want to set something up.

    UPDATE: My uncle and I started together.
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  • LeftEbowlerLeftEbowler137,859
    Posted on 19 June 18 at 01:53Permalink
    I'm looking to get these endurance ones finished as well, hit me up anytime PM or Xbox Messages.
  • TandKTandK356,755
    Posted on 30 June 18 at 03:20Permalink
    Anyone still looking to do these coop endurance achievements? I'm on most days, just message me.
  • RedshadowVRedshadowV241,586
    Posted on 26 July 18 at 22:56Permalink
    I need a partner to get these Coop achievements. If anyone still looking to do them, message me
  • Arsenic 17Arsenic 17881,444
    Posted on 05 August 18 at 14:42Permalink
    Need all of the coop achievements. USA. message me if you want to partner up
  • Lord ValoelLord Valoel501,881
    Posted on 15 August 18 at 12:30Permalink
    I'm available to do the multiplayer achievements as well. EST time zone, I have maxed out my cards so I have the best options for success. I'd plan on following the walkthrough for this game for the multiplayer achievements. I won't be available this weekend, but my schedule opens up next week. Normally available in the evenings!
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  • ScubaSte3veScubaSte3ve570,208
    Posted on 27 August 18 at 07:53Permalink
    Looking to do this EST rims zone. Available most afternoons into evenings. I wake up at 230am for work so I get off at 830. But looking forward to doing these...

    gt ScubaSte3ve
  • Posted on 11 September 18 at 04:48Permalink
    Anyone still looking to do the Endurance Achievements together? Just got the DLC's for the game.
  • Posted on 13 September 18 at 09:54Permalink
    Be warned to anyone attempting to do this, almost every attempt we’ve had at this in the last week has made the game crash after a few days in game. Last night it crash for the host on day 5 and then again at day 9, when we were almost ready to extract. So infuriating
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  • Posted on 17 September 18 at 02:48Permalink
    when you start this game, make sure your xbox one ports isn't moderate, i've noticed the shitbox loves to randomly change ports on you, from a open one to a moderate one even though you've put in a static ip. also make sure that you're both from uk, or us. etc probably help.
  • TheBigBBTheBigBB327,420
    Posted on 23 September 18 at 07:12Permalink
    I've started working on endurance and would be glad to do some co-op.
  • Posted on 09 October 18 at 19:15Permalink
    Hey everyone looking to work on these! Send me a message on xbox live!
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