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Drop the Mic Achievement

  • Posted on 13 October 16 at 14:11Permalink
    If anyone has a good solution to get the Drop the Mic Achievement please post your solution this one isn't wanting to pop for me i've done won three call out battles against a rival in my career mode and it didn't pop
  • Brett6394Brett6394204,362
    Posted on 13 October 16 at 19:32Permalink
    try it in Universe Mode thats how i got it plus you can choose who you want to call out
  • Posted on 16 October 16 at 00:12Permalink
    I got in My Career Mode
  • Posted on 19 October 16 at 16:23Permalink
    Hi I did a call out and won in universe and in career universe it was who I was in a rival with career mode would not let me choose who I was in a rival any help will be great full thank you in advance I did win both also
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