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  • Posted on 16 October 16 at 09:32
    Please use this thread to discuss the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt-Game of the Year Edition walkthrough
  • Rista BRista B529,049
    Posted on 23 October 16 at 02:21, Edited on 23 October 16 at 02:22 by Rista B
    Couple of comments...

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year EditionThe Enemy of My EnemyThe The Enemy of My Enemy achievement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition worth 45 pointsUse the Axii Sign to force one opponent to kill another. Do this 20 times.
    shouldn't the text say hold RT instead of RB? It may also be helpful to indicate how many points and the skills needed to be able to activate "puppet".

    Also for
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year EditionDendrologistThe Dendrologist achievement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition worth 40 pointsAcquire all the Abilities in one tree.
    I needed to unlock 20 skills not 10 in the general branch. I never had only 10 skills in any branch with this edition of the game. I tried to unlock just the first 10 skills and the achievement did not pop until I had activated all 20.
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  • Posted on 24 April 18 at 21:59
    Pretty good guide so far....but damn to say I'm frustrated with it is an understatement. From the get good you emphasized that all the GWENT cheevos are "simple enough," outside of that you rarely talk about it until boom the side quest where you have to win the games at the party. I went to the party got to the games and played for ever and only could win the first two. Reason being I didn't have any cards really. At no point prior did you mention you need a solid good deck. At no point did you mention you need to be consistently acquiring new cards. Now I will have to go all the way back through just to re do this. If you had stated before hand. DO NOT DO THIS MISSION until you have a legit deck I would have known that if I want this cheevo this playthrough then I need to grind it out before hand and then I could have made that decision. However you did not. Any now my playthrough is f*kd. I apologize for ranting and raving as I don't ever do this, but man do I feel you really messed up on that front. From the beginning you made no effort to let people know upfront that maybe gwent was easy for you albeit got lucky cause that's basically how the game is and you had no problems breezing through without EVER going out of your way to play gwent ahead of this mission which I highly doubt, because following your guide to a T, I have shitty cards. Don't have 3 hero cards, nor can I beat Tybalt. I've re read the guide over n over to make sure I wasn't missing info you provided, but nope. Really set us up for failure on the gwent side of things. While I appreciate the time you used to make the guide I just can't get over this glaring oversight.
  • Posted on 25 April 18 at 13:37
    Hey Monkeyz,

    GWENT is a huge part of the Witcher, and it is mentioned in the guide that you should be playing everyone you can while following the side-quest, and purchasing whatever cards are available at every given shop whenever you enter a new area. That culminates in the "get every GWENT card" achievement, which is most certainly mentioned early on in the guide. It's just not re-iterated.

    I'm super sorry that your playthrough got boned because of this. What I will say though, is with the starter Northern Kingdoms deck (with a King Foltest leader card) it is very possible to win every game/tournament available, if your "git gud" is good enough. Now that's not a fair response, and I'm certainly not telling you "git gud" or stop playing, but at least it IS possible to do if you're willing to throw yourself at it for hours and hours.
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  • Posted on 25 April 18 at 23:59
    Hey batman lol love your name 😁

    Thanks for the response. Maybe it's by unbridled hate for card games and their point of existence lol that I just don't "get" gwent and subconsciously don't pay much attention to it. Forgive me, but I didn't get the impression from the guide that I needed to literally play every single person I come in contact with in the game. If so my god they destroyed a perfect game with forcing this down the players throats. It completely kills any momentum the story is having just to stop for that. 😡I'm sorry I could ramble on all day how much this injected card game is ruining my experience with the game. But I digress. With regards to the starter deck, the leader card you mention is the initial card you start with correct? As for getting hero cards, leaders etc. I'm not finding any. All I've come across are your typical level 1-10 cards, none with crazy abilities that's the AI has where their score gets close to 100 every match. I mean hell the very first card game at the inn were its suggested for the cheevo winning with that one card, I played forever and still didn't win. Not sure Why it wasn't written before hand that you get that card at the dead body(I know further down its written about getting the card) instead of wasting time at the INN. I suppose I'm to read ahead on this guide? I never do that for fear of spoilers and like to enjoy the game. Never had any issues with any guides in here, I don't know if it's just the way this game is set up and how large it is, but the order of somethings and the lack of importance stated on others just seems off. Again I could just be insanely frustrated due to gwent. Anywho, I do appreciate the response regardless. And can only hope I "git Gud."
  • Posted on 27 April 18 at 18:49
    Hey Monkey,

    So a few things to point out. You certainly do NOT have to play every single character in GWENT. In every village or establishment there's normally one or two players, and the innkeeper typically has a small selection of cards on sale. Those are things that should be coming naturally during play. Also, very early on you're introduced to a side-quest about playing ever improving opponents in GWENT, taking a card as a reward upon victory. If those are things you've been ignoring due to a dislike for GWENT, I think the only real punishment (besides the loss of income from playing the card game) is that the particular quest you're on doesn't end in the best possible outcome. Nothing game-breaking, for sure.

    Secondly, I really hope gwent doesn't kill your experience with the Witcher. It never felt "injected" to me, but that's a personal preference. What I can say though, is with minimal effort and strategic awareness, the enemy AI should never be hitting 100 points in any given round. If you're completely oblivious to the rules, and haven't been playing the easier opponents, then yes the mechanics of Gwent can feel overwhelming. Truthfully though, the same strategy I started the game with saw me right through to the end. I don't think the skill threshold is quite as high as you fear it is, and with a little bit of time you'll see just how easy gwent can be, especially against AI.

    Finally, the guide certainly isn't written out of order, that's something that's very important in general. Typically, someone reads a few sentences ahead just to be sure they don't miss something time sensitive, but you certainly aren't going to have to read paragraphs ahead and to figure something out. If that's the case, that means we made a mistake in the publication, and that needs to be fixed.

    I hope you can clear this hurdle!
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  • FeonyxFeonyx898,148
    Posted on 11 June 18 at 17:21
    Can you please update the overview and put in bold that if an achievement doesn't pop you should clear your system cache (Hold down power on the Xbox One... disconnect power brick... wait 15 seconds) and then reload a previous save. I have a had 6 cheevos fail to pop (A few contracts, the final horse race, Kingmaker, etc) and only recently learned about that trick to get them to pop (and now I have to do another 1/2 play through to get some I missed)

    Otherwise the guide is awesome :)
  • ErutaercErutaerc761,426
    Posted on 30 June 19 at 18:38
    Point of note, none of the spoiler links seems to be working anymore, they just link to the top of the page.
  • KodingKoding976,032
    Posted on 30 June 19 at 18:44
    Erutaerc said:
    Point of note, none of the spoiler links seems to be working anymore, they just link to the top of the page.
    Spoilers are broken site-wide. The problem has been logged and I'm sure the devs will get it fixed soon.

    Unable to view spoiler tags on Mobile
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  • Peaches 518Peaches 518398,640
    Posted on 06 September 19 at 16:26
    I might've just missed it, but I didn't see any reference to Letho in the guide. If you kept him alive in Witcher 2, or if you told the guy at the beginning of the game that you kept him alive, he shows up in the Fall of the House of Reardon quest. At the end of the quest, you can suggest he go to Kaer Morhen. That's mandatory for one of the missable achievements. If he's dead, then the quest plays out differently and he doesn't matter, of course.
  • rocket951rocket951125,114
    Posted on 07 September 19 at 01:52
    The walkthrough was great. I used it for my second playthrough (first on xbox--played the game a few years back on PC blind). I thought the campfire scene in B&W was pretty cool. It reminded me of way, way back in the day how you could only meditate at campfires in The Witcher (1). Sort of wish it were the same way in this game--at least on death march setting.
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